Simply Put

  • If you use a contact form on our site, we will not share your information with any third parties.
  • When you visit the site statistics such as which pages you visit and the duration of your visit to the site are collected. We use Google Analytics and StatCounter.
  • On the articles we have sharing buttons which means that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may know you have been to this site.
  • This website is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, meaning that if you are on this site and we share a link to Amazon we receive a commision if you purchase a product after using our link.


This site uses Google Analytics and StatCounter. What these services do is provide information on what pages you visit on the site, for how long and how you got here – there is also information about the device that you are on such as your operating system and what brand it is. This is anonymous information so all we know is that someone visited the site.

The purpose of analytics means that we can see which articles are striving on the site and which ones aren’t doing as well – this helps us improve the articles that we publish in the future since we know what people like and then the site will be better for our visitors.

If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics you can do so here, and you can opt-out of StatCounter here.

We are currently not running Google Analytics on Richard Tech, StatCounter is being used for site analytics.


On this site we use a comment service called Disqus. Obviously, when the comments are loaded at the bottom of the page Disqus would track that the comments have been loaded through analytics, if you want to visit the Disqus Privacy Policy you can do so here, and you can opt-out of their targeting and personalisation here. When you comment, you need to log-in with either a social network or your Disqus account – and when you do so Disqus will know this information. When you leave a comment your comment will be left next to the name on that account.

We are currently not running comments on Richard Tech, so this section is not relevant.

Sharing Buttons

On this site we have sharing buttons, these would be the Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Tweet” buttons and so on at the bottom of each article.

The buttons are loaded from code from the appropriate social network and may know that you are logged into your Facebook account for example so you can like the article seamlessly, we do not control this, we simply load the buttons. This does mean that social networks could know that you have been on this website or a specific article.

That’s about it

This Privacy Policy may be updated in the future, so if you want to see what’s going on you can always come back and visit this page, if you have any questions send them over to [email protected].