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With so many different apps on the App Store, it can be difficult to keep track of what is new and useful, so here are 10 apps that I find useful and you may be interested in taking a look at.

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If you’re interested in seeing all the various different apps that I have and use on my phone, watch my What’s On My iPhone video for 2020, where I go through every app that I have on my phone to give an overview of what I find useful.


Notion is a service I have recently been trying out and is an interesting tool for managing lots of information and keeping track of various different things. Previously I was using OneNote, but I have moved over to Notion as I found it to be more attuned to what I am looking to accomplish, and I quite like how it functions.

Within Notion, I have set-up different Workspaces for university and Richard Tech, as well as a couple of extras for other functions. Notion has allowed me to reduce the amount of different services I am using as I can save links to read later within Notion.

Using Notion on the iPhone

The Richard Tech workspace I have set up makes use of Notion’s data management functions. I have my posting schedule within Notion, and for each video I can store additional information such as research and scrips within the video property – it really is powerful.


Tweetbot is my iOS Twitter client of choice. Many may choose to use the official Twitter app, but I remember when there was never a Twitter client available for iOS – so Tweetbot is what I used, and I have remained with it ever since.

I find Tweetbot to be really snappy and the app works very well, I prefer the feel of a “native” style iOS app and Tweetbot does an excellent job at delivering that. I still do have the official Twitter app on my phone as Tweetbot lacks some functionality such as Polls.


Following on with the trend of unofficial social media apps, Apollo is a reddit client for iOS. Like Tweetbot, Apollo delivers a native-like experience for browsing reddit with a sleek app that works efficiently and feels great to use.

Using Apollo on the iPhone

The app provides a smooth experience throughout and features such as gestures allow for power-users to make their way through the app with ease. I find myself on Apollo quite a lot to keep up with technology news and to look at the discussions that people are having.


I have been using Pinterest a lot during my university terms to collate mood boards and visual inspiration for my work. Pinterest is a great tool if you are a creative student, like me, or just wish to seek some various sources of visual inspiration for a project or digital scrapbook.

Google Photos

You may be asking yourself “iOS already has a photos app, so why would I need Google Photos?”. Google Photos allows me to ensure that my photos are safely backed up online, Google offers free unlimited photo backup with the app. I have previously written an article on how to do this in more depth which you can find here.


Spotify is what I use for all my music listening, I have been using the service for almost a decade. Every year, when it came to the Spotify Wrapped in December, I accumulated almost 120 thousand listening minutes on Spotify – which is a lot!

Using Spotify on the iPhone

I have my entire music library within Spotify with over 3 thousand songs downloaded onto my phone. I really like the Spotify experience.


Bring! is a simple and straightforward shopping list app for your phone. There is not much to the app, it features the shopping list functionality as well as an inspiration section for shopping ideas, keeping the functionality limited allows the app to work effectively at what it should do.

I like Bring! as it adds a notification badge to the app icon with the amount of items in my list, which makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be picked up from the shops without having to go into the app to see if there’s anything to buy.

UAV Forecast

If you fly a drone, UAV Forecast is a fantastic addition to a drone pilot’s toolkit. It is an incredibly useful app that displays flying conditions and shows me whether the location I am looking to fly at will be suitable. This app is particularly useful as it will display the wind speeds for the different altitudes that I may be flying my drone at, the higher you fly, the faster the wind is.


I use LastPass to manage all my passwords. With so many login credentials for different websites, LastPass allows me to store them securely in one place. It also features cross-platform support and password generation, so all I need to remember is a single password whilst allowing myself to have a unique secure password for my various online accounts.


Parcel brings my delivery tracking into a single point. With so many different logistics companies and couriers, it can be difficult to keep track of what is due to be delivered. Parcel will keep me updated with notifications on status changes and supports a wide variety of couriers.

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