How to Stream your Steam Games to the Raspberry Pi

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  1. Gardo Bulak says:

    Alrighto, ive read the tutorial and it seems complicated enough to really work out, but why the heck shouldn´t i just install debian on the raspi and run the linux steam client? presto! The only downside i see is the missing function of using the apt-get command to download files from the console instead of using the (ok, really slow) browser raspian has already in the box,

    i would also not have to fuss around with the nvidia streaming service. But maybe i just see it from my steam focused, blinkers on, tunnel view as someone who only wants to do that, streaming my steam games in the living room, daddeling away on my steam controller, i bought just for this purpose. Nice tut anyway though. Keep it up.

    1. I think this is the method that it is done because the Steam Linux client isn’t compatible for the ARM Processor architecture of the Raspberry Pi.

      But thanks for commenting and thanks for reading the tutorial!