Richard Tech is a technology website and YouTube channel ran by Richard Waterworth, based in the UK. The site covers a range of technology related topics and genres, some of the most noticeable being the Raspberry Pi and Mobile Phone Reviews.

The website and YouTube channel began at the end of 2012. The YouTube channel has grown to over 400,000 views and over 2,000 subscribers. The website has gained over 70,000 views online and continues to grow.

We have worked with brands such as ASUS and Vodafone UK, and have also worked with various other companies as we review their products on our platforms. Our review of the ASUS Strix 2.0 was chosen as the best review from their Test Pilot program.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to head over to our contact page and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.