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The Arbily X-Buds are a pair of lightweight and affordable true wireless earbuds, with up to 16 hours of total listening time and a small and portable design – how do they stand out in the market of true wireless earbuds?

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The X-Buds have an extremely small and portable design that makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear. Unlike other budget true-wireless earbuds that I’ve seen on the market, these do not use rubber-tipped earbuds but instead plastic – similar to the Apple AirPods and Urbanista Stockholm. The earbuds, and the charging case, have a glossy white finish which hides any fingerprints.

Arbily X-Buds right earbud
The earbuds are small and portable

The earbuds have an indicator LED circle on the outside to tell you when they power on, pair to your device and begin charging. These areas are also a touch-sensitive, so they can be used to control playback, although I have accidentally paused our rewound a track when adjusting the earbuds in my ears.

On the underside of the earbuds is a letter to tell you which earbud goes where, as well as the charging pins for the earbuds.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear and sit in my ears well. They are not as snug as Apple AirPods but still manage to stay put in my ears – even when my head is moving around.

Charging Case

The charging case houses the earbuds when they’re not in use and uses a clamshell design. The earbuds will automatically power on when you open the case which means that, by the time you’ve taken them out of the case, there will be no waiting for them to pair to your device.

Arbily X-Buds Charging Case
The charging case provides extra power on the go

The case also has four large indicator LEDs to indicate it’s charging level as well as a USB-C charging port. I’ve been going on for a long time about budget true-wireless earbuds not having USB-C charging, so I’m finally pleased to see that these do.

One gripe that I have noticed with the charging case is when I quickly put the earbuds in the case, they can sometimes not go in all the way and end up caught around the cut-out for them.

Sound Quality


The sound quality of the X-Buds is okay, but they don’t sound fantastic – to me at least. This is likely to how the earbuds fit in my ears, as I mentioned a little earlier in this review, they don’t fit as snug as other earbuds designed like this and this had had a negative effect on the sound quality.

Wearing the Arbily X-Buds
The earbuds are okay for casual listening

Despite this, the earbuds still sound decent for casual listening and, surprisingly, manage to provide a somewhat punchy listening experience with instruments such as kick drums. The low frequencies sound okay but the mid and high frequencies are a little lacking in clarity and don’t provide that “full” sound experience that I’ve come to expect with earbuds.

They earbuds may sound better if you’re able to get a snugger fit but, unfortunately, for me they don’t which is a shame as they come in a very nice package and price.

If you’re not fixated by sound quality and just want a cheap pair of true-wireless earbuds without rubber tips that you can use for casual listening, these are still worth a consideration.


The microphone works very well on the X-Buds, it can pick my voice up and sounds clear and loud enough to be heard. If you need to make or take phone calls, these earbuds will get the job done.

Features and Accessories

The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 and they are also extremely easy to pair as they show up as a single device in the Bluetooth pairing menu.

The touch controls, which I mentioned earlier, are also handy and convenient to use for skipping and pausing tracks, they can also be used for activating the voice assistant for your device and answering a phone call. The only control would be nice to have is a way to adjust the volume straight from the earbuds.

Battery Life

With the X-Buds you can expect to get around 4 hours of listening time on a single charge. When the battery begins to run low you can charge up the earbuds up to 4 times with the charging case to give you up to 16 hours of listening time.

When it comes to charging up, the earbuds will take just over an hour to charge fully and the case will take around 2 hours to charge up.


So, in conclusion, the Arbily X-Buds are an okay pair of Bluetooth earbuds – but they do leave me with a bit to be desired.

Arbily X-Buds
The earbuds are okay, but the sound quality can vary depending on how well they fit

The sound quality is not the best as it does not feel as immersive as other earbuds on the market, but they come in a lightweight and comfortable package. The microphones are also decent, so if you needed to make or take phone calls these would make a good Bluetooth headset.

If sound quality isn’t your main priority and just want a cheap pair of true-wireless earbuds that are lightweight and comfortable that you can use for casual listening, these are still worth a consideration. But if you want punchy bass and immersive sound, I’d give these earbuds a miss.

The Arbily X-Buds are available to purchase on Amazon.

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