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The Archeer A210 is a small, rugged and portable Bluetooth speaker. Let’s review it.

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The design of the speaker is covered in a rubber finish with a visible meal grill beneath the rubber that houses the speakers and a hard plastic on the sides. The speaker feels high quality and the rubber and plastic construction is solid and sturdy. On the front of the speaker you have the Archeer branding which looks sleek and modern with the radiating curves from the logo. On the right hand side is the rotary volume control, which is not the best as on my model it is slightly angled which results in it getting stuck as it is turned, this also means that your device’s volume control is separate to the volume control of the speaker, the play/pause button is also on this side of the speaker and it can be pressed by pressing down the volume dial which is interesting because I would expect the button to be on the top – but this could be because there are speaker grills 360 degrees around the speaker.

On the left hand side of the speaker you will find the connectivity options, under a rubber protective flap there is a microUSB port for charging the speaker, a microSD card slot for local music storage on the speaker as well as an AUX input for non-bluetooth devices. There are also function buttons on the top, there is a Bluetooth pairing button, power button, a battery indicator which is very useful as those are not commonly found on speakers. There are also backwards and forwards skipping buttons, but for some reason when I press the backwards button it skips to the next one and when I press the forwards button it goes to the previous track – which is a bit strange, I’m not sure if it’s because the speaker is orientated this way or the speaker has been programmed incorrectly.


The main feature that this speaker has is its IP rating of IP44, this means that the device is protected from splashes of water and small objects. Although, the speaker is advertised as waterproof, I’d personally follow the IP rating. Thanks to the speaker being splash proof, this makes the speaker great to clip onto your rucksack using the carabiner that comes with it so you can listen to music on days out or on trips.

The speaker also is powered a 1500mAh battery which will get you around 10 hours of playback, which will help you get through a full day of listening.

Sound Quality

Now onto probably the most important part of the speaker, the sound quality. The sound quality of the speaker is decent although it does not have punchy bass, but the bass is still there. The high’s and mids are loud and stand out considerably, maybe too much for my liking and I think this makes the speaker sound a bit tinny – despite the bass being there it seems to be drowned out too much.

The speaker gets very loud, but it does begin to distort at loud volumes, which for the price of the speaker at £30 (January 2016) I would not expect to happen. The design of the speaker helps the sound radiate from all directions of the speaker so if you want to cover a large area that is also great as it means that you wouldn’t need to have the speaker as loud as you would need if it wasn’t a 360 degrees’ speaker, but still that doesn’t fix the distortion issue.


So, in conclusion the Archeer A210 is a decent rugged speaker, but sadly due to its flaws may have you looking elsewhere.


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