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Aukey’s PB-Y22 portable charger is a small and portable power bank that offers QuickCharge 3.0 and USB power delivery for quickly charging your devices, as well as USB-A, Type-C, micro-USB and Lightning connectivity – making it great for any device.

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The charger has a pocketable and relatively small design, which is slightly larger than two AirPods cases side-by-side. It’s also lightweight, considering the amount of power the charger can store which makes it convenient for putting in a bag and carrying around with you everywhere.

Aukey PB-Y22
The portable charger has a matte black finish

Aukey has used a matte black plastic finish across the portable charger. I like this finish as it helps reduce any visible scratches or scuffs and helps keep the product looking nicer for longer. There still is a little bit of gloss on each end of the charger, which helps break up the design.

The faces of the product are blank, with only some Aukey branding on the top to differentiate it from the underside. On the bottom side is all the information that you’d need to know about the portable charger and on the top end is where the charging happens.

All your ports and buttons can be found at the top end of the device, as well as a charging indicator which comes in handy for letting you know how much power the charger has left.

Overall, the build quality and the finish of the portable charger feels very nice and well-made, ensuring that it will be durable for day-to-day life.


The PB-Y22 has a bunch of features which makes it very handy for charging a range of different devices effectively. It also features a built-in capacity of 10,000mAh which will either give your phone at least a couple or a few charges depending on the size of your device’s battery.

Aukey PB-Y22 Ports
The portable charger supports a range of connectivity

The charger supports a range of inputs for charging it up, you can use micro-USB, Lightning or USB Type-C. This is great to see as it means that you don’t have to carry around multiple cables for both your phone and your portable charger, for example, if you have an iPhone all you need is a Lightning cable.

The charger will also automatically detect when a device is plugged into it and begin charging, but there is also a button on the side to manually turn it back on if it turns off or isn’t detecting your device.

Aukey PB-Y22 Lightning Cable
The portable charger can be charged using a Lightning cable

Features such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 are also supported, which allows for fast charging of a range of different devices. For example, Aukey claims that an iPhone which supports power delivery would be able to charge 50% in 30 minutes and Quick Charge compatible devices will be able to charge 80% in 35 minutes.

The charger also supports low-current devices such as fitness trackers or earbuds, this allows them to be charged safely at the rate that they support.

The charger also comes with a carrying pouch which you can use to store the charger itself as well as any cables or accessories you may need to carry around with you.


Aukey PB-Y22
The Aukey PB-Y22 is a great choice

Aukey’s PB-Y22 portable charger is an affordable battery pack that provides plenty of handy features for making charging on the go faster and more convenient. It’s well priced and the construction feels solid.

The Aukey PB-Y22 portable charger is available to purchase from Amazon.

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