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The Aukey PB-Y36 portable charger has a compact and portable design for charging your devices on the go. The charger supports both Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0, ensuring that you’ll be able to quickly top-up your devices with power – wherever you are.

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The PB-Y36 is one of the smallest portable battery banks I have reviewed to date, it has an extremely compact and portable design, which makes it extremely convenient to have on the go – it’s approximately the same size as two AirPods cases stacked on top of each other. The weight of the charger isn’t too heavy either, it’s light enough to keep in your pocket if you don’t have a bag to put it in.

Aukey PB-Y36 alongside AirPods case
The charger is very compact, roughly the same size as two AirPods cases

Like previous Aukey battery banks I’ve reviewed, this uses a matte black finish around the design of the charger with a glossy black finish at each end. The matte finish is nice as it will age well and be less prone to scratches and scuffs during day-to-day use.

The faces of the product are blank, with only some Aukey branding on the top to differentiate it from the underside. On the bottom side is all the information that you’d need to know about the portable charger.

The power button and ports are found at the top end of the device. The power button also has a glossy finish, making it easy to find without having to look for it. There is also a battery indicator so you can check the charge status of the charger itself as well as an indicator for fast charging and low-current charging mode.


For the small form factor, the PB-Y36 has some very appealing features that make it easy to quickly charge your devices on the go. With an internal capacity of 10,000mAh, the portable charger should be able to give your device at least a few charges – this will vary depending on the battery capacity of the device you are charging.

Aukey PB-Y36 Ports
THe charger has both USB Type-A and Type-C outputs

The charger supports USB Type-A and Type-C outputs, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. Both Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 are supported, so you will be able to quickly charge up your devices, whether it be a phone, tablet or even laptop, quickly and with ease as long as it supports the feature.

For devices that may not need to be charged as fast, the PB-Y36 also supports low-current charging through the USB Type-A port. Both ports can be used at the same time and the charger will detect when a device is plugged in, but you can always press the power button to manually start charging if desired.


Aukey PB-Y36
The Aukey PB-Y36 is great for taking on the go

If you’re looking for an extremely compact portable charger that is functional and looks good, the Aukey PB-Y36 is a fantastic choice. The support of both Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 ensures that the charger will be able to provide power to a range of devices for years to come and it is in a design that can be taken with you anywhere.

The Aukey PB-Y36 portable charger is available to purchase from Amazon.

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