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The BenQ Screenbar is an e-reading lamp that goes on top of your monitor to add a bit of extra lightning in the evening so your desk isn’t so dark. So, let’s open up the box, take a look and see what it’s all about.


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Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience of the BenQ Screenbar is simple and straightforward. The box contains some documentation as well as the Screenbar itself, micro-USB cable and the monitor mount. The monitor mount supports displays that are around 1 to 3cm in thickness.

BenQ Screenbar unboxing.
The box includes the Screenbar, mount and USB cable.

It could be beneficial to have a USB Type-C cable in 2021, but as the Screenbar is a set-and-forget device, having a micro-USB cable is not an issue as I’m not going to be moving around the Screenbar once I’ve set it up.

There are three different versions of the Screenbar available, this Screenbar model as well as a Screenbar Plus and Screenbar Lite. The only difference that I could tell between this and the Plus was that you would have an external controller versus having the controls on the bar itself. I couldn’t see the value in having the controls on my desk versus on the top of my monitor, so I chose to save the difference. The Screenbar Mini is designed for laptop users.

A Closer Look

All the controls for the Screenbar are on the top of the device. From left to right, there are touch buttons for controlling the brightness and colour temperature as well as an auto setting which will use a light meter on the top of the device to automatically set the colour temperature and brightness — this is certainly handy if you don’t want to mess around with manual configuration. The final button on the right is for power.

BenQ Screenbar mounted on monitor.
The Screenbar is well built.

The Screenbar is quite light, weighing just over 500 grams and is constructed from aluminium and plastic. Across the bottom is the LED array which shines onto the desk. The Screenbar features bi-colour LEDs, this allows for a varied white balance of 2700k to 6500k, which allows for both warm and cool light colour temperatures.

The Screenbar clips into the mount, which is constructed from plastic, and sits on top of your monitor. The setup is really that easy, all that is left to do beyond this is plug in the USB cable.


Setting up the Screenbar was straightforward, the most important thing for me was to ensure that is was aligned centrally to my display. This did result in me having to move my webcam to the left side of my monitor, leaving it at an off-centre angle. This isn’t too bothersome for myself and some people have been able to mount their webcam on top of the Screenbar, but the design of my LifeCam Studio prevents this.

The included USB cable was long enough to route through my monitor stands and into my desk’s cable management which was good and the controls on the top of the Screenbar are easy to reach.

BenQ Screenbar illuminating desk.
The Screenbar effectively provides additional light to my desk.

As far as lighting goes, the light emitted by the Screenbar is focused onto the desk, resulting in soft yet focused lighting for working. This allows for the light to point downwards without casting any glare onto the monitor and the angle of the Screenbar can be angled slightly (although not by much) to adjust and fine-tune the lighting direction.

My initial impressions of the Screenbar are pretty good, it’s been working well to provide me with extra working light in the evenings and makes it more comfortable to work at my desk on dark and dreary days.

The BenQ Screenbar monitor light is available to purchase on Amazon.

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