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Action cameras are an ever-expanding market, with new companies bringing out their own models every day with different features. So, this time round we have an action camera from VTIN, a company that you’ve probably not heard before (unless you’ve read our review of their speaker) – but that does not mean that you should dismiss them as you can certainly get more for your money.

The main thing that is going to have you look at these sort of action cameras is definitely the price, this camera comes in at around £50 and you get a pretty good package for what you are paying.

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The design of this camera has obviously been heavily inspired from another well known action camera brand. Taking a look around the device we can see the screen on the back of the device which is certainly useful for framing your shot but once you’ve mounted the camera where you want it the companion app for the camera is certainly more useful. Also alongside the screen is a status and charging light, and on the top a power indicator and the OK button. On the right hand side there are the up and down arrows which help in browsing the settings menu but the up button also acts as a button to trigger the Wi-Fi functionality of the camera.

The microphone is placed on the top left hand side of the action camera, and the speaker is placed on the right hand side alongside the up and down buttons. On the front of the camera is the large fisheye lens which protrudes from the front of the camera and also the power button and a little bit of branding. The plastic around the edges is a grippy tactile plastic whilst the front plastic has a matte finish.


The VTIN action camera also comes with built in Wi-Fi functionality, which means that you are able to remotely set certain settings and press record from your phone. I did find the setting options a little buggy as I managed to get the motion detection mode stuck on enabled and had to disable it by taking out the microSD card. But the app is fairly polished overall, and if all you need to do is press record or take a photo with the camera then it works perfectly fine. The app works by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot created by the camera and then open up the app and you’ll be connected.

The camera also ships with a wide assortment of accessories, from bike mounts, chest mounts and all sorts – how to mount all of these is covered in the manual fairly simply although the images in the manual are a tad small, so some larger diagrams would be greatly appreciated. VTIN has told me that if one of the accessories breaks for some reason, then all of GoPro’s range of camera accessories are compatible which is always good to know.

Some additional features that the camera includes are a timelapse mode, motion detection – so it will begin recording when motion is detected and also a car mode – which I am assuming will allow you to have the camera act as a dashcam.


Battery performance on the camera is good and it comes with two 1050mAh batteries to make sure you can keep on shooting, which is nice because then you don’t have to worry about carrying a charger around with you all the time. The camera charges the batteries via microUSB and also has a microHDMI port if you want to connect it up to a big screen.

Navigating the menus is easy and simple and the interface isn’t too sluggish but it could be a little faster, but that’s me being picky.

Camera Quality

The quality to price ratio for this camera is exceptional, the video is sharp and the colour representation is fairly decent. The camera shoots full 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. Also, if you need it to – it can shoot 12 megapixel still photos. Since this camera also has shake reduction I also tested that out and I noticed very little difference with it on or off, so I think that is more of a feature for the sake of it, but overall I’m very impressed.


Overall, the VTIN Action Camera is a great little action camera that doesn’t break the bank and is a good camera to get if you want to record your sports or start.


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