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These are the Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 earbuds, a pair of earbuds that carries active noise cancellation. The earbuds are also water resistant, so you can use them whilst exercising and they can even be connected to two devices simultaneously.


The earbud design is somewhat similar to Apple’s EarPod design, where the earbud has a vent on the side. These are slightly different though, as they still have rubber ear-tips. The earbuds also don’t magnetically attach to each other, unfortunately, but that isn’t a deal breaker.

The earbuds do have Bluetooth connectivity, but there are still wires involved – and more than you may be expecting. The “hub” as you could call it for these earbuds, is connected via a cable that clips onto your clothing, compared to a traditional pair of earbuds that has it on an in-line controller. I would assume that this is because of the active noise cancellation and it requires more physical space to contain the processing power the earbuds need.

But this does mean that you have to clip this hub somewhere onto your clothing. This is where my main problem is. If I’m wearing a t-shirt, compared to a shirt or jacket, I’d need to clip this onto my collar, where it may pull and not stay still, so I do wish that maybe the cable was longer so it could clip on at my waist.

The earbuds themselves are constructed from a high-quality plastic that feels strong and sturdy. The cable is a mix of rubber and braided cable. On the “hub” you’ll find the standard array of buttons, play/pause etc. and also a button on the side to activate the Active Noise Cancelling and the micro-USB charging port.

Sound Quality

As far as sound quality goes, these earbuds sound fantastic. The sound is well balanced with a good distribution of bass, mid and treble frequencies. There’s also enough bass to make me happy and it isn’t overpowering, so this makes the listening experience very nice.

One thing that I did notice is that there is a very quiet high-pitched sound when the earbuds are on. This sound is noticeable if the music that you are listening to is fairly quiet, but with the volume at around halfway, I could not notice it.

These earbuds can get loud if you’d like them to, I typically listen with the volume level at around 50%.

Features & Accessories

The biggest feature of these earbuds is the active noise cancelling functionality, and I have to say in my experience, it is decent. I’ve never been able to try any active noise cancelling before so unfortunately, I have nothing to compare it against.

The ANC manages to cut out the lower end frequencies and ambient noise, but I did find that I could still hear some of the higher pitched frequencies. So, it’s something that I’m impressed by but not blown away by considering I could still hear some of the noise around me. This could be to how the ear-tips fit in my ears and aren’t able to create a full seal but I am not entirely sure.

The earbuds also come with a small carrying case that you can use to carry around the earbuds, other sized ear tips and also the charging cable.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Blitzwolf earbuds is great, with up to 7 hours battery life whilst listening to music and over 200 hours in standby. This is all thanks to the 120mAh battery. When it comes to charging, that will take a couple of hours to fully charge the earbuds from 0-100%, and these earbuds charge with a micro-USB cable.


Overall, I would say that the Blitzwolf Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds are a decent pair of earbuds. I do have a couple of problems with the design and they are a little expensive compared to the other earbuds that I have taken a look at – but these do feature active noise cancelling.

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