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VR is an ever-growing space with a fairly wide choice of options for getting into it. But the price of headsets from companies such as Oculus and HTC are fairly expensive and if you only want to try out VR then you’ll want to pick yourself up a cheaper VR headset.

So here are two budget headset options that will allow you to try out VR using your phone! The first headset is one that you may have already heard of, Google Cardboard. The main bonus is that Google Cardboard is very affordable since it is made from cardboard, as you may expect. You can build your own Cardboard headset if you want to or you can buy pre-made headset (which is what I did).

There are variant models of the Cardboard headset, which have different designs and use different materials if the brown cardboard design isn’t quite your style. One of my favourite features about the Cardboard headset is that it features a button on the side (or on the top for V2 models) which allows you to control your phone without having to take it out of the headset, which is an excellent feature! Cardboard supports 4 to 6 inch devices, so it is compatible with most smartphones, but this is a super simplistic way to get into VR.

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The second headset that I have used is the VTIN headset, the headset looks a bit more like a VR headset compared to the Cardboard, with an all plastic construction, additional padding, and adjustable lenses. The headset also has a secure phone mount, so you don’t need to worry about your phone slipping out and is also compatible with 4 to 6 inch devices. My one pet peeve about this headset is that it does not feature any sort of button which I can control my phone with, which I would find very useful and I wish it was there, as I have to faff around with the headset to interact with my phone. But this headset is certainly more immersive and comfortable compared to the Cardboard.

The App Store and Play Store also have a wide variety of VR apps that you can experiment and take a look at as well. The YouTube app also has VR compatibility and is great for using with 360° videos, although make sure you have a good internet connection for buffering the 360° videos.

In this article I voiced my opinion on the first generation Google Cardboard, since this version is no longer available, links to the newer version are used in the article.

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