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The LETTON G5 Gaming Headset is a very cheap gaming headset that features 40mm drivers, deep bass and boom microphone, but is it worth the price?

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The design of the headset is nothing fancy, the headset is very light and comes in at around 300g, the padding is very comfortable and rests on my head nicely, the padding is coloured the accent colour of the headset, which is blue and this is similar to the ear cups, but the ear cups seem less soft than the padding at the top of the headset. Despite the ear cups not being as soft, the headset is still comfortable to wear without any difficulty or pain. This helps make sure that you are immersed in your game or what you are listening to. The ear cups will also tilt to fit your head which helps comfort.

The construction of the headset is all plastic with a main glossy plastic construction and a matte black on the headband. The glossy plastic is solid which means that there will be no flex on the microphone or the ear cup part of the headset, although I do wish that the microphone position was adjustable because the microphone can get a little quiet at times. Also the use of glossy black plastic on a headset means that it turns into a fingerprint magnet! The matte plastic on the headband of the headset has a quite a lot of flex so that the headset can adapt and fit onto your head

The cable of the headset has a rubber finish with an in-line volume adjuster for the headset. The headset is fairly portable as it is not that large, but if you’re planning to take it with you, you can’t really do much to fold it up, as the ear cups are fixed in place and the headset does not fold down.


Headset also comes with two adapters, one for the Xbox 360 and a Microphone/Headphone splitter for computers, similar to the one found with the ASUS Strix 2.0. I used the splitter to connect my headset to my computer as that is what I have been testing the headset with.

Sound Quality

Note: For listening I normally use ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Headphones, Mackie CR3 Monitor Speakers and the ASUS Strix 2.0, previously using these devices will reflect on my opinion of the sound quality.

The sound quality of the headset is decent for £12 (January 2015). Initially, when I took the headset out of the box, I was impressed by the sound because, to be honest, I was expecting much worse. Although, when I listen to music it has strong bass but I personally felt like the mids and treble was a bit lacking, of course these can be boosted in EQ applications but it would sound nicer, but if you do like your bass, you’ll probably like this headset.

Of course, since this is a gaming headset, gaming is at the heart of it. Gaming with this headset is great, stereo sound works flawlessly, which is to be expected and helps me be immersed in the game.

Microphone Quality

boostUnfortunately, the microphone on the headset isn’t ideal. It’s super quiet and the microphone boost option had to be enabled for me to actually hear the microphone at all. Once I had boosted the microphone the sound quality was decent, but as a result of the boost, there was a lot of white noise in the background. This is where having a manoeuvrable microphone would be useful as I would be able to move the microphone in front of my mouth so it would be able to pick up the sound properly.


In the end, the G5 headset is great for if you’re running on a budget. But if you need a decent sounding microphone – you may just want to save up a bit more cash.


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