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The CLCKR case is, as the name suggests, a case for your smartphone which features an integrated stand and grip, making it easier to make hands-free video calls from your phone or have a more secure grip on your device when you’re out and about.

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The CLCKR case comes in a range of different colours and finishes and is available for a collection of different devices – although mainly iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. If a CLCKR case isn’t available for your device, you could pick up a Universal CLCKR and attach it to your device or existing case.

I’ve been testing out the Saffiano Black variant of the CLCKR case on my iPhone 12 mini and it works quite well. The case is constructed from plastic and feels nice, although I would’ve liked the sides to be a little more rubberised and softer to the touch and would also add a little bit of extra grip to the sides of the case as it is quite a smooth finish.

CLCKR case lay on table
The case features large cut-outs and the CLCKR adds some extra thickness.

Looking around the sides of the case, there are large cut-outs for the Lightning port, speaker, microphone and mute switch. I was able to use my third-party charging cables without any issues, which is great to see as some cases can sometimes leave enough clearance for Apple’s first-party cables but not enough space for folks with third-party cables.

Additionally, the grooves and areas for buttons are well-done. Around the buttons is a recessed glossy outline and the buttons protrude slightly out of the case. The buttons aren’t mushy and have a good clicky feel, despite a case being on top of the device.

The front of the case revolves around the display, it is slightly raised above the display glass which provides a millimetre or so of added protection if your phone happened to land face-down, but the case does not go over the display itself, so the glass is still exposed – so you may want to get a screen protector if you wish to have a layer between the elements and your phone’s display glass.

CLCKR case in an upright standing position
The CLCKR element of the case can be found on the back.

Flipping over the case and looking at the back, the CLCKR element of the case is prominently visible. This Saffiano model also has padded synthetic Saffiano leather across the back of the case, giving the case a soft feel. This material is patterned which also helps add a little extra grip to the case, which is certainly handy. Having the CLCKR element on the case does add a little bit of extra thickness, but when it comes to day-to-day usage the added thickness isn’t noticeable and the CLCKR stays concealed and unobtrusive until it is needed.

Overall, the design of the case looks good, and whilst it would be nicer to have a bit of extra grip on the sides, the case feels well-made and sturdy.

Features and Functionality

When it comes to features and functionality, the CLCKR stand and grip feature is the main attraction to this case. The CLCKR has a faux leather finish which gives it a nice feel and look and is lined with a soft material on the underside. Using the CLCKR is easy enough, as the name suggests, it clicks in and out of position and does exactly what it says on the box.

CLCKR in horizontal standing position
The CLCKR case lets you keep your hands free when watching videos.

The CLCKR can stand up your phone at a horizontal or portrait angle, making it useful for watching videos or, what I found the case particularly useful for, video calls. This allowed me to be on a call for an extended period without my hand becoming uncomfortable from holding a phone as I was able to set my phone down on a surface and continue with the call.

Aside from the stand functionality the CLCKR it can also act as a hand grip which allows you to hold your phone more securely. I didn’t find myself using the CLCKR in this way as much as the stand, but I imagine it could be quite useful for runners and vloggers.


CLCKR case being used as a grip
The CLCKR functionality can be used on the go as a grip.

So, to conclude, the CLCKR case is well made and works well, performing and being able to do what it claims to do. I can see it being particularly useful if you spend a lot of time on video calls or watching videos on your phone as it lets you keep an extra hand free.

The CLCKR case is available to purchase on Amazon or directly from CLCKR.

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