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The Creative Outlier Air V2 are a pair of mid-range earbuds that offer an IPX5 sweatproof rating, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with support for AAC and aptX as well as some impressive battery life metrics for long days of listening. At the time of this review, the earbuds currently are priced at £59.

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Creative Outlier Air V2

Creative Outlier Air V2

If you’ve seen our review of the Creative Outlier Gold, you’ll likely recognise the bud-shape design of the Outlier Air V2 which feature a blue design. The Outlier Air V2 feature a comfortable design that sits into the ear, offering a secure and ergonomic fit that offers a good degree of passive sound isolation for tuning out the outside world. The shape of the earbuds also assists them in staying in place for sports activities without the need for ear-fins to be on the earbuds.

The earbuds have a two-tone black and blue design. The outer side of the earbud is blue and has a fairly minimal design, there’s a large touch control surface within the LED indicator ring. The touch control has a glossy finish whilst the rest of the earbud has a matte finish – this makes it easy to distinguish. Underneath the LED indicator ring is a microphone that can be used when making phone calls.

Creative Outlier Air V2 earbuds and charging case.
The earbuds feature a black and blue design.

The underside of the earbud has a black design with clear letter indicators for which ear the earbud should be placed in. The underside is also home to the charging pads which are used in conjunction with the charging case. I like how these earbuds have a metal grill at the end of the ear tip, not only protecting the earbuds but these also do a better job than the mesh-style grills which I’ve found to become loose on other earbuds in the past.

The rubber ear tips are comfortable and easy to swap if needed. Creative includes three different sizes of ear tips in the box so you can get a good fit for your personal use. I found the ear tips included out of the box to work well and I did not feel like I needed to change them.

Overall, I quite like the design of the earbuds. I’ve found them very comfortable to wear during listening and the fit is secure, so it does a decent job at being able to offer some passive sound isolation. However, it could be nice to see some additional colour choices in the future.

Charging Case

The Creative Outlier Air V2 charging case is extremely nice, it has a metal and plastic build which gives it an extremely nice feel and durable construction. The case has some branding on the top and left side but is otherwise fairly plain. On the outside, there are three LED indicator lights to display the charging status of both the case and each earbud, as well as a USB Type-C port for charging the case.

Creative Outlier Air V2 earbuds and charging case.
The charging case features a sliding design.

The inside of the charging case slides out from the side, revealing the earbuds stored inside, this method of opening the case means that it would be unlikely for the case to accidentally open and for the earbuds to fall out as they are also securely held in place with magnets.

Sound Quality

The Outlier Air V2 is powered by 5.6mm drivers that feature a graphene-coated diaphragm, resulting in a balanced listening experience that sounds great. The earbuds provide a deep and controlled bass experience that complements the rest of the sound, that isn’t fatiguing or thumping and the mid and treble sound clear providing good clarity for vocals and instruments. The earbuds may have a little too much clarity on the top end however, I did find sibilance within some songs to stick out a little. For technicalities, the frequency response of the earbuds is 20Hz to 20KHz.

Richard wearing Creative Outlier Air V2 earbuds.
The earbuds have a pleasant and natural sound profile.

If you’re a fan of lots and lots of bass, these likely aren’t the earbuds for you – but if you prefer a more balanced and natural listening experience, like myself, these will be right up your street.

The stereo separation of the earbuds is also very good, there is a clear difference between the left and right channels, and, thanks to the secure fit of the earbuds, you feel immersed and up-close with the sound which makes the earbuds not only great for listening for music but also good for watching movies or TV shows. If you need volume, these earbuds can deliver plenty. I found my comfortable listening volume to be well under 50% when usually I’ll need to be between 50-60% on other earbuds and headphones.

Overall, the listening experience is good, the sound is balanced and is not overwhelming on one end of the audio spectrum.

Microphone Quality

The quality of the microphones on the Outlier Air V2 are good, the microphones are clear and pick up my voice to a good volume. The microphones also feature Qualcomm cVc background noise suppression, which should help your voice stand out more clearly to the person on the other end of the phone.


The Outlier Air V2 have a collection of features that make them an appealing set of earbuds to own. The earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with support for aptX and AAC allowing for a higher-quality listening experience.

I did find the pairing process a little finicky, as the left and right earbuds act as separate Bluetooth devices, unlike many true wireless earbuds which will appear as a single device in the pairing list. The left earbud must be paired to your phone first and then the right to ensure that you could use each earbud individually.

Creative Outlier Air V2 charging case.
The earbuds have some useful features.

The earbuds also feature touch controls, which are responsive and give an audible response, so you know the touch control command has been registered. The touch controls have a wide range of possibilities and, for example, can provide both volume and track controls directly from the earbuds themselves.

The earbuds also feature an IPX5 waterproof rating, making them great for use during exercise and workouts. This paired with the feature-rich touch controls would make these earbuds great for a workout as your phone can stay in your pocket and you can control your music with the touch controls or through Siri or Google Assistant.

Super X-Fi technology is mentioned throughout the product, with branding on the case, box and a specific pamphlet in the box. Super X-Fi looks to provide a multi-speaker system in a pair of earbuds, but unfortunately, the app essentially works like an MP3 player – songs need to be transferred and stored within it. There’s no support for streaming services such as Spotify, so I haven’t found myself using this feature at all.

Battery Life

The Outlier Air V2 sport an impressive battery life, with 12 hours of listening per charge and up to 34 hours of total playtime when the additional charges provided by the charging case are taken into account. So you could use the earbuds throughout the whole day without having to worry about charging them up.

Creative Outlier Air V2 charging case LEDs and port.
The charging case features external status indicators.

When it comes to charging up the case, it’ll take a couple of hours. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of any fast or quick charging ability regarding the earbuds or the case. It would be nice to have this feature in the future, but with such an extensive battery life offered by both the earbuds and the case, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


The Creative Outlier Air V2 are a great pair of mid-range earbuds featuring a balanced and neutral sound, impressive battery life and premium design features such as the metal charging case. It would be nice to see some richer feature functionality, such as improved pairing and Super X-Fi being more adaptable to other streaming services but the overall package is a great choice.

The Creative Outlier Air V2 true wireless earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

Creative Outlier Air V2

Creative Outlier Air V2
8 10 0 1
The Creative Outlier Air V2 are a pair of mid-range earbuds that offer an IPX5 sweatproof rating, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with support for AAC and aptX.
The Creative Outlier Air V2 are a pair of mid-range earbuds that offer an IPX5 sweatproof rating, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with support for AAC and aptX.
Total Score

The Good

  • Comfortable design
  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life

The Bad

  • Super X-Fi functionality is limited
  • No quick or fast charging
  • No colour options
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