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Creative’s Outlier Gold true wireless earbuds are the company’s flagship model, with up to 39 hours of total listening time, IPX5 sweatproof rating and support for aptX and AAC.

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The earbuds have a relatively small design that sits within the ear. The earbuds are lightweight thanks to their outer plastic construction with matte gold and black finish which helps alleviate any unwanted fingerprints.

On the outer side of the Outlier Gold is the control button for track controls and adjusting the volume. It is nice to see both controls for volume and track as that can often be overlooked for in-ear controls. There is also an indicator ring light that is used to show the status of the earbuds.

On the underside of the earbuds is the charging pins as well as a magnet for ensuring that the earbuds remain placed in the charging case when you’re storing them. There is also, of course, the rubber-tipped end of the earbud on the underside.

Creative Outlier Gold in ear
The earbuds are pleasant to wear

The earbuds are comfortable to wear and thanks to their lightness, I don’t notice them when wearing them. They also manage to stay placed within my ears when I’m moving around but I can sometimes find it difficult to get a good seal with the rubber-tipped earbud to give me the best listening experience.

Creative has gone with a slightly different approach to the rubber tip with these earbuds, so I am wondering if it could be something to do with that. The rubber tip looks to be less “domed” than other rubber-tipped earbuds I’ve used before.

Charging Case

The design of the charging case is very nice, it feels great and premium – with a metal and plastic construction.

Creative Outlier Gold Charging Case
The earbuds pull out of the charging case

The charging case has a tubular design which pushes out of itself to reveal the earbuds. The left-hand side is home to all the indicator LEDs and charging port. The charging port on the case is a USB Type-C port, which is fantastic, this is great to see as this port is becoming more and more popular on all sorts of technology products and only needing one cable to charge everything is handy.

Due to the design of the charging case, it isn’t the smallest out there, so it does take up a bit of space in your pocket – so that is one thing to consider.

Sound Quality


As I previously mentioned, the Outlier Gold earbuds have a slightly different ear-tip design to what I’ve seen before. I have found it a little difficult to get a good seal at times which does negatively affect the sound quality, but as I’ve used the earbuds more and more I have become more familiar with the best way to put on the earbuds.

Richard wearing Creative Outlier Gold

When I do get a good seal, the earbuds sound great with deep bass and clear treble. The bass sounds clean and complements the mid and high frequencies. It also manages to get surprisingly deep for a small pair of earbuds which is great for genres such as electronic music.

Like the bass, the mid and high frequencies sound good and are well pronounced. I don’t hear any sibilance when listening to music, vocals sound clear with great clarity.

Overall, the Outlier Gold earbuds provide a well-balanced mix between the different audio frequencies which provides a great listening experience – regardless of genre. The earbuds also, for me personally, manage to provide plenty of volume for listening.

The earbuds have passive sound isolation through their rubber-tipped design. The passive sound isolation works well once the earbuds have a secure fit in your ear.


The microphones on the earbuds sound great and managed to pick up my voice well with decent volume. You’ll be able to take and make phone calls using these earbuds without any problems.


Creative touts a range of features with the Outlier Gold earbuds. The earbuds have an IPX5 sweatproof rating so you’ll be able to wear the earbuds whilst at the gym or on a run, even if it isn’t full waterproofing, sweat proofing is nice to have as it means you won’t have to worry about going all-in on that workout.

Creative Outlier Gold earbuds
The earbuds are well equipped feature-wise

The earbuds also support Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX, so you’ll be able to get the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology as well as a higher fidelity listening experience thanks to the processing technology that aptX contains. One main advantage of aptX is that it is low latency – I could not hear an audible delay when watching videos and using the earbuds to listen.

The earbuds also have Super X-Fi, which is Creative’s processing technology which creates a more immersive listening experience. For this to work, you’ll need to use the SXFI app which photo scans your ears. Unfortunately, it only supports local audio on your device and as I use Spotify, I didn’t find myself using it.

There are also multiple sized ear-tips included in the box to help you get the best fit.

Battery Life

The earbuds have an impressive battery life of 14 hours listening per charge and up to 39 hours of total playtime when you take the charging case into account.

When it comes to charging up the earbuds, the charging case will be able to do that in around 2 hours. The charging case itself charges using USB Type-C which is great to see as it is a more modern and up-to-date port – I’d also expect a pair of earbuds within this price bracket to have Type-C charging at this point.


If you’re looking for a premium pair of in-ear true wireless earbuds that deliver a balanced and great sounding listening experience – the Creative Outlier Gold are a fantastic choice.

Creative Outlier Gold earbud
The earbuds offer a compelling premium choice

The earbuds are well made, and the charging case is durable thanks to its outer metal construction, they also offer an exceptional battery life which will give you plenty of listening time.

The Creative Outlier Gold earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon, you can learn more about them on Creative’s website.

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