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Apple’s iOS public beta is now available for download for you to try out. That is – if you’re willing to go through the software bugs.

To download the beta, you’ll want to head over to the Apple Beta Software Program website and sign up. You’ll then want to go to the iOS tab, download the profile and install it onto your device.

iOS 12 is more of a polished version of iOS 11, so there are no drastic changes, but there are still some new features that you can check out such as Screen Time, Grouped Notifications and Memoji.

This software is still in beta, so you’ll probably want to avoid installing it on your main device but if you have a spare one lying around – go for it! Just make sure you back up all your data, as things can go wrong in betas. The final version of iOS 12 should be out later this year alongside the next iPhone.

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