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Dudios’ Shuttle earbuds are a pair of affordable true wireless earbuds which feature up to 24 hours of listening time, touch controls and water resistance.

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The Shuttle earbuds have a relatively small design and they are lightweight, although they are not the smallest true wireless earbuds I have seen – these have a similar factor to Apple’s AirPods. The earbuds have rubber tips which help them maintain a good fit within the ears and provides some sound isolation.

Dudios Shuttle
The earbuds are relatively small and lightweight

The earbuds are very comfortable to wear, and I don’t really notice them when they are being worn, they don’t slip around either and manage to stay in my ears – even when I shake my head around.

The earbuds have a plastic matte black finished construction. On the outside of the earbud is an indicator LED for pairing and charging as well as a touch surface for interacting with the earbuds. On the underside are two pins for charging the earbuds with the charging case and indicator letters for what ear the earbud goes in.

Charging Case

Dudios Shuttle Charging Case
The charging case is an oval shape

The design of the charging case features the same matte black finish as the earbuds – albeit with a slightly different texture. The case has an oval shape, which fits in the pocket for carrying around, although I wish it were a little thinner, so it was a little smaller in the pocket.

The charging case has a clamshell lid design which houses the earbuds inside. On the outside, there are charging indicator lights to show how charged the case is. When the case does need charging, it can be charged with the micro-USB port on the back.

Sound Quality


The Shuttle earbuds sound great for the price. They provide a punchy listening experience with good amounts of bass and treble for listening to music.

Wearing Dudios Shuttle
The earbuds are comfortable to wear

The earbuds sit a little heavier towards the bass, so if you’re a fan of deep and powerful bass – these earbuds are for you. There’s still plenty of mid and treble to go around though, so the bass isn’t overpowering.

As far as sound isolation goes, the rubber ear tips help ensure that there is a good amount of passive sound isolation from the environment around you. When I’m listening to music with these earbuds, I hear very little to no ambient noise around me.


The microphone on the earbuds sounds good, but it is not as sensitive as microphones found on some other earbuds so it can be a little quiet for picking up my voice.

You’ll be able to take and make phone calls without any problems, but the person you’re talking to may need to turn up their volume.

Features and Accessories

The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 and they are also extremely easy to pair as they show up as a single device in the Bluetooth pairing menu.

The earbuds are also IPX5 rated for water resistance, so you can wear them out and about in the rain or work out a sweat in the gym wearing them without any issues.

Battery Life

Dudios Shuttle
The charging case will give you up to 5 additional charges

With the Shuttle earbuds, you can expect to get around 4 hours of listening time in a single charge, the earbuds can be charged up to 5 times with the charging case which will give you a total of around 20 hours before you need to charge the case again.

Fully charging the case takes around 2-3 hours and fully charging the earbuds will take around 1-2 hours.


If you’re looking for a pair of affordable true wireless earbuds that provide great value for money sound, the Dudios Shuttle are a great choice. They offer water resistance, plenty of listening time and comfortable listening experience.

The Dudios Shuttle earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

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