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Dudios’ Zeus HD wireless earbuds offer Bluetooth 5.0, IPX5 water resistance and a silicone rubber neckband – which makes them great for running, all for around £35.

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The design of the earbuds is comprised of a metal, plastic and silicone construction which feels of good quality for the price. The earbuds are connected to each other through the neckband which rests on the back of my neck when worn, the neckband also is home to the batteries – this allows for the weight of the earbuds to be distributed and balanced, so they rest evenly on my neck.

Dudios Zeus HD
The neckband connecting the two earbuds rests on your neck

The in-line controls for the earbuds are on the right side of the pair, giving easy access to volume and track controls. This is also where the micro-USB charging port can be found to charge up the earbuds.

The earbuds have a rubber-tip design with ear fins. The ear fins are great for ensuring that the earbuds remain in my ears when wearing them during physically active tasks such as workouts. I took these on a run and the earbuds were comfortable thanks to their lightness and the ear hooks ensured that the earbuds remained in place.

Dudios Zeus HD clipped to a shirt
The earbuds include useful accessories

Dudios includes plenty of different ear tip and fin sizes in the box, allowing for the best fit. There is also a clip accessory that I found quite handy to clip one earbud to my top when running, so I was still able to be aware of road and traffic noise around me.

The design of true wireless earbuds is very popular nowadays, but I do think that these earbuds feature a design that is really convenient for fitness as I can take out the earbuds and they will magnetise together and sit around my neck, without the need to worry about putting them in a case.

Sound Quality


The earbuds provide a reasonable listening experience for casual listening, although they do take on more of a bass-boosted sound signature.

Dudios Zeus HD in use
The earbuds sound good for casual listening

I’m personally not a huge fan of bass-boosted-style earbuds as I can find them overpowering at time and lead on to listening fatigue, but they do work well for exercise as the bass stands out against any noise that may be coming from gym equipment or exercise but can be overpowering if they’re being used them at home. Still, despite the powerful bass, the mid and treble frequencies manage to remain present within the mix – bringing clarity to the listening experience.

The sound isolation is also good thanks to the secure fit offered by the ear tips and fins, which ensure that the earbuds can provide a good listening experience whilst passively removing much of the ambient noise around me.


The microphone found on the Dudios Zeus HD is good for making and taking phone calls. It can be a little quiet at times, but it manages to adjust to my voice relatively quickly to ensure it is at the correct volume.


The earbuds have a few features that make them an appealing set of Bluetooth earbuds. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0, as well as aptX HD, which will help in providing a higher-quality listening experience and support for modern mobile devices.

The earbuds are also IPX5 water-resistant, which means you can comfortably work up a sweat wearing them or wear them out and about exercising or on a commute without too much worry. The microphones on the earbuds also support CVC 8.0 noise cancellation which will help reduce ambient noise being picked up by the microphone if you’re on a phone call.

The earbuds also come with a hard-shell carrying case, so you can transport them safely when travelling.

Battery Life

The Dudios Zeus HD earbuds have an exceptional battery life of around 30 hours of listening per charge, depending on your listening volume, this makes them great for daily use as they’ll only need charging once or twice a week. When it does come to charging them back up, that will take around two and a half hours.


Dudios Zeus HD
The earbuds are great for a workout

If true wireless earbuds aren’t your preference and you want a pair of comfortable Bluetooth earbuds that you can use for exercise or general use, Dudios has provided a great choice with the Zeus HD.

The bass-boosted sound profile is the only shortfall I would consider personally, but if you can get over that and don’t mind a bit of extra bass – these are a fantastic option.

The Dudios Zeus HD wireless earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

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