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Edifier’s GM3SE earbuds are a pair of wired earbuds with a twist, a detachable boom microphone, a feature commonly found on gaming headsets.

If you’re not a fan of wearing headsets and want something that is a little more unobtrusive, these earbuds may be for you.

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The earbuds have a gamer-centric design which I do think looks a little bulky and chunky in comparison to other earbuds but I would presume that this comes with the earbuds having the ability to have the boom microphone attached. The detachable microphone plugs into the bottom of the left earbud.

The earbuds have a plastic finish which feels good with red and grey accents on the outer sides of each earbud. The earbuds also have ear fins to keep them secure in your ear as well as a rubber-tip design, both of which have a variety of sizes included in the box.

Edifier GM3SE earbud
The earbuds have a large design to accommodate the detachable microphone

Initially, the earbuds can feel quite big when wearing them but with more listening I got used to the shape and they’re relatively comfortable to wear – they’re also lightweight thanks to their plastic construction.

The earbuds have a rubberised cable which feels durable and soft to the touch. The in-line controls can be found along the cable that connects to the left earbud. The in-line controls feature an additional microphone as well as volume slider and multi-function button.

Edifier GM3SE in-line controller
The in-line controller features analog volume adjustment

I think the use of a slider for the volume has it’s pros and cons as it means the earbuds will be able to quickly adjust the volume whilst using them with a computer but it does mean that they cannot interact with the volume level that is set on the device. The multi-function button can handle play/pause and track controls. The 3.5mm jack at the end of the cable is L shaped.

The detachable microphone is relatively short, so it sits to the side of the mouth instead of in front of it, which can be useful for reducing the prominence of plosives when speaking. The microphone boom can be bent to shape and it stays in place once the position is set.

Sound Quality


As far as sound quality goes, the GM3SE earbuds sound good, but not great – I do think that there are better sounding earbuds out there, but these earbuds are targeted for gaming, and for that I think they sound just fine.

Richard wearing Edifier GM3SE earbuds
The earbuds sound good for gaming, but they’re not the best for music

The earbuds have very prominent and deep bass with the mid and treble frequencies being a bit lacking and in comparison, I would’ve liked some additional clarity with these frequencies, particularly the mid frequencies.


The earbuds feature two microphones. When the boom microphone is connected, the in-line microphone is inactive. Both microphones manage to pick up my voice well and sound of a good quality. Whether you’re gaming on voice chat or making phone calls, the earbuds’ microphones perform well.

Features and Accessories

Edifier GM3SE accessory
The earbuds include a PC adaptor

Aside from the boom microphone, the earbuds also come with a headphone/microphone splitter so you can use the earbuds with your computer as well as a carrying pouch to store everything in.


The Edifier GM3SE are ideal for gaming and are an ideal lighter and smaller alternative to bulky and heavy gaming headsets. If you’re just looking for a pair of earbuds, I do think that there are better alternatives out there, but if you’re looking for specifically what these earbuds are offering – they’re a great choice.

The microphones sound great for voice chatting and the inclusion of a PC adapter for the earbuds is great as they will be compatible with both mobile and PC devices.

The Edifier GM3SE earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

Edifier GM3SE

Edifier GM3SE
6 10 0 1
Edifier’s GM3SE earbuds are a pair of wired earbuds with a twist, a detachable boom microphone, a feature commonly found on gaming headsets.
Edifier’s GM3SE earbuds are a pair of wired earbuds with a twist, a detachable boom microphone, a feature commonly found on gaming headsets.
Total Score

The Good

  • Lightweight alternative to gaming headset
  • Splitter cable included for PC use
  • Microphones sound clear

The Bad

  • Bulky design
  • Sound quality lacks clarity
  • Volume control isn't native to device
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