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It’s only been a few months since I reviewed Edifier’s TWS NB2 earbuds, but the company already have a successor to those which look to address many of my pain points with the NB2. These new earbuds, the NB2 Pro, feature the same all-day battery life but now feature fast charging for the earbuds and, hopefully, improved active noise cancelling performance.

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Edifier TWS NB2 Pro

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro


The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro are available in both a creamy white and black colour and share a pretty much identical design to the previous TWS NB2 model as most of the changes are under the hood. For this review I’ve been testing the black earbuds which feature a matching charging case, however, both earbuds feature a silver earbuds stem which gives them a premium and metallic looking design.

They may have a metallic look to them, but they are still plastic. The plastic build of the earbuds helps keep them lightweight which makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods and the earbuds feature a matte finish throughout which will help reduce the likelihood of them easily showing signs of wear or use.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds lay on desk.
The earbuds continue with the design seen in the TWS NB2.

The stems of the earbuds feature an angular design, which I like, and I think separates the earbuds’ design from a lot of other earbuds on the market. The stems feature a glossy Edifier logo as well as some grilles for the microphones, you’ll also find the touch buttons on the stems of the earbuds, these are used for call, track and mode controls, however, the touch controls do not allow you to track backwards or adjust the volume level of the earbuds – you’ll need to get your phone out to do that.

The bud of the earbuds has a rounded shape which makes them comfortable to wear and the buds also feature detection sensors so your music will automatically play and pause when you put in and take out the earbuds – but you can tweak this behaviour in the Edifier Connect app. There are also some charging pads on the underside of the stem for charging the earbuds in the charging case as well as an ear letter so you can make sure the correct earbud is in the correct ear. The earbuds also feature a rubber tip design which helps provide a secure fit and offers some passive sound isolation and there are a couple of extra sizes included in the box.

Overall, the design of these earbuds is very nice and it continues with the design of the TWS NB2 that I had no faults with back in May. Their lightweight plastic design is comfortable to wear and the rounded bud shape of the earbud provides a good fit.

Charging Case

The TWS NB2 Pro feature a compact and lightweight charging case that features a clamshell design. The case has a leather texture to it which coincides with the premium metallic look of the earbuds stem, although this is how the plastic exterior of the case is finished, it’s not actually leather.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro charging case.
The charging case features a leather-like texture.

The back of the case features USB Type-C charging and the lid clicks into place when opened so it doesn’t accidentally close. The inside of the case features a status light as well as a repairing button for the earbuds. Edifier also includes a small carrying pouch so you can store the earbuds and accessories all in one place.

Sound Quality

The TWS NB2 Pro earbuds feature 10mm drivers which provide a full and energetic sound to the earbuds that work well across a range of different music genres. There is certainly a punch to the bass from the earbuds, but I wouldn’t say that these are bass boosted or bass focused as it manages to sit tidily alongside the mid and treble frequencies which manage to offer a very fulfilling overall sound across the soundscape of audio frequencies – the earbuds feature a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz.

Mid frequencies sound good, providing great clarity for vocals and the treble is also clear. In some tracks which have a lot going on in the treble end, such as rock genre tracks, I did notice that the treble can sound a little harsh and sharp in these cases on guitars or vocals – although I did not experience this frequently in my listening across a wide range of genres.

Richard listening to the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds.
The earbuds offer good sound and enjoyable listening experience for the price.

The earbuds provide impressive stereo separation which not only offers an immersive and up-front listening experience for music but also helps in providing an immersive viewing experience for more visual content such as YouTube videos, TV shows and movies. The earbuds also offer plenty of volume, I rarely found myself going over 50% volume, so you should have no problems finding a comfortable listening level.

Overall, the earbuds provide an enjoyable and high-quality listening experience for their £80 price tag, the sound is controlled across the board but still manages to pack a punch and deliver energy when listening to music. It’s a shame about the slight sibilance I noticed in some of my listening, but this only was prominent on a couple of tracks I listened to throughout my entire time of testing these earbuds.

Microphone Quality

The microphones built into the earbuds provide a good sound quality for use during phone calls or making voice memos. The microphones were able to pick up my voice clearly and to a good volume that is easy to hear.


The TWS NB2 Pro feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with support for both the SBC and AAC audio codecs, the addition of the AAC codec is nice to see as it should provide a higher quality listening experience on supported devices in comparison to SBC. I found the pairing process straightforward and found the connection between my device and the earbuds to be good.

The earbuds also feature an IP54 dust and water resistance rating which makes them great for use during exercise or outdoors, it’s also nice to see that these earbuds feature dust resistance as most earbuds only usually have water resistance.

One of my biggest complaints with the previous version of these earbuds, the TWS NB2, was that their active noise cancelling performance was okay, but not great. I’m pleased to share that I’ve found the ANC to perform much better on these TWS NB2 earbuds and they do a good job at cutting out noise and reducing the amount of ambient noise around me. Of course, like most ANC earbuds and headphones, a little of the high end will still seep through, but these do a very good job overall.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds on desk alongside charging case.
The active noise cancelling is much improved on these earbuds.

The earbuds also feature a passthrough ambient mode which does the opposite of active noise cancelling and uses the microphones to feed through ambient noise into the earbuds. This mode is okay, but remains mostly unchanged from the previous model, there’s still a prominent amount of white noise with this mode on but it does do a very good job of passing through ambient sound as a result.

These different modes can all be cycled through using the touch controls on the earbuds, but these earbuds also feature a companion app dubbed Edifier Connect. The app allows you to access additional modes for the earbuds, such as their spatial audio mode which widens the stereo field slightly, but can also introduce more sibilance, and a game mode which Edifier claims can lower the latency between your device and the earbuds to around 80ms, which is quite handy if you are a mobile gamer. You can also tweak properties of the earbuds, such as the in-ear detection, touch control sensitivity and more, but unfortunately there is no ability to adjust the EQ for the earbuds directly, you’ll need to use your music listening app of choice for doing that.

Battery Life

The TWS NB2 Pro feature up to 7 hours of listening on a single charge with ANC turned on, you can get a couple of extra hours by turning ANC off – bringing it up to 9 hours listening. The charging case will give you an additional 18 hours of listening with ANC on and 23 hours with ANC off. This can vary depending on your listening volume and conditions but is a good amount of battery life to get you through the day.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro charging case in hand.
The earbuds feature plenty of battery life to get you through the day.

When it comes to charging, the earbuds feature quick charging which will give you 2 hours of listening after 15 minutes of charging. To fully charge the earbuds it will take around an hour and around 2 hours to fully charge the case. Unfortunately, there’s no wireless charging for the case, but it does charge up using USB Type-C.


The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro is a great revision of the NB2 earbuds that addresses many of my worries with the previous model. The earbuds sound great, aside from their occasional sharpness, with a well-rounded sound signature and punchy bass and their ANC performance and battery life is great.

The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro true wireless earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

The Summary

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro
8 10 0 1
The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro feature all-day battery life with feature fast charging for the earbuds and improved active noise cancelling performance.
The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro feature all-day battery life with feature fast charging for the earbuds and improved active noise cancelling performance.
Total Score

The Good

  • Improved ANC performance.
  • Stylish and comfortable design.
  • Quick earbud charging.

The Bad

  • No wireless charging.
  • Only available in two colours.
  • App does not support EQ adjustment.
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