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Edifier’s W860NB headphones are a pair of lightweight headphones featuring active noise cancelling, touch controls and aptX, making them an appealing pair of headphones for taking on the go.

For noise cancelling headphones, these headphones are priced competitively against the likes of Sony and Bose with a price-tag of £99 at the time of reviewing.

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The headphones are available in two colours black and gold, the gold colour is a more recent addition to the line-up but for this review, I shall be looking at the black variant of the headphones. The headphones have a plastic construction which makes them lightweight and ideal for traveling with, the plastic is coated with a matte finish with some light grey accents which look sleek and understated.

Edifier W860NB Headphones
The headphones have a plastic construction

The headphones are comfortable to wear thanks to their light weight, as well as the padding that can be found on the earcups and headband. The padding is extremely soft, making the headphones comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I do wish that the headphones did have a little more clamping force, this may reduce the comfort a little. This opinion is coming from my use of the Audio Technica ATH-M50X which I’ve almost been using for 5 years now, which have a slightly tighter clamping force on my head which feels more secure – not to say that these Edifier headphones don’t feel secure on my head.

Edifier W860NB touch controls
The headphones feature touch volume and track controls

Controls for the headphones can be found on the left side earcup, with physical controls for power and toggling active noise cancelling. For track and volume controls, the headphones feature a touch pad, a feature typically found on pricier headphones. I found the touch controls to work well once I had become familiar with them, as it does take a few attempts to become accustomed to the sensitivity.

The right earcup features an AUX input, so there’s still the flexibility to use the headphones wired if desired as well as a micro-USB port for charging up the headphones. I would’ve liked to have seen this be USB Type-C, but it unfortunately isn’t.

When the headphones aren’t in use, they can be folded inwards or you can fold the earcups flat to put the headphones in the included carrying case, which feels quite nice and has an area for the charging and AUX cables.

Sound Quality


The W860NB headphones provide good sound quality for listening to a range of different musical genres, during my testing I mostly listened to electronic and pop music, I was very happy with how these headphones sound.

Richard wearing Edifier W860NB Headphones
The headphones have a good sound signature

The headphones have a fairly natural sound, featuring clear mid and high frequencies with ample amounts of bass to go along. The bass is deep and well balanced within the mix, with vocals and string instruments having good clarity.

These headphones feature active noise cancelling, which works great. The active noise cancelling works well at cutting out low frequency noise such as hums or fan noise although it does still allow some high pitch sounds to seep through.


The microphone on the headphones is okay, it sounds clear but it is incredibly quiet, making it difficult to make or take phone calls with as the person on the other end may not be able to hear you at an easily audible volume.


The headphones include some features that are very useful and compelling. The headphones feature aptX which can provide a higher-fidelity stream to the headphones to provide a better listening experience. The headphones also feature NFC and dual-device pairing.

Edifier W860NB Headphones
The headphones have a useful feature-set

I found dual device pairing to work okay between my iPhone and my laptop, I found that I had to pause the audio on the device I wished to switch from and then it would switch over in around 10-15 seconds.

Unfortunately, these headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1, so they lack the features that come with Bluetooth 5.0. In the future I hope to see a new revision of these headphones that feature some upgrades such as Bluetooth 5.0 and USB Type-C connectivity.

Battery Life

The headphones provide up to 45 hours of listening time without active noise cancelling and 25 hours of listening with active noise cancelling turned on which is impressive and will be able to provide at least a day of usage without the need to charge. Of course, you can also use the headphones wired if you wish to conserve some battery life.

When it comes to charging up the headphones, that can be done over micro-USB, fully charging the headphones can take around 4 hours.


So, to conclude. Edifier’s W860NB headphones are a fantastic pair of headphones that feature active noise cancelling. The headphones sound good and features such as dual-device pairing and the touch pad are handy once you’ve learned the quirks of the setup.

Edifier W860NB Headphones

Of course, I do wish that the headphones felt a little more secure on my head and were a little more up-to-date technology-wise, but I feel like these will be the headphones that will be in my bag when I go back for my final year of university later this year.

Edifier’s W860NB active noise cancelling headphones are available to purchase on Amazon or you can learn more about them on Edifier’s website.

Edifier W860NB

Edifier W860NB
8 10 0 1
Edifier’s W860NB headphones are a pair of lightweight headphones featuring active noise cancelling, touch controls and aptX.
Edifier’s W860NB headphones are a pair of lightweight headphones featuring active noise cancelling, touch controls and aptX.
Total Score

The Good

  • Active noise cancelling
  • Sound quality
  • Touch controls

The Bad

  • Microphone quality
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • No USB Type-C
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