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The Edifier X3 true wireless earbuds come in with an extremely compact form-factor, making them great for use on the go. Featuring touch controls, 24 hours of total playtime and IP55 water resistance, the X3 provide an appealing feature-set for a pair of affordable earbuds.

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The earbuds feature a lightweight black plastic build with a matte finish, which helps the earbuds from catching scratches and skin oils and keeps them looking nicer for longer, the lightweight build also makes the earbuds very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Just around the touch controls on the outer sides is a glossy ring which helps to break up the design and add some flare.

Edifier X3 earbuds
The earbuds are lightweight and compact

The earbuds feature a bud style design that fits well within the ear, with rubber ear tips to provide a secure fit which also helps with passive sound isolation. There are two additional sizes of rubber ear tips included within the box so you can get a fit that is right for you. The ear tips themselves are a grey colour which look good and I find that they do not show skin oils as much as black ear tips do.

The earbuds also have some small holes for the microphones and also an LED status light so you can check to see if the earbuds have connected to your device, these LED lights also illuminate when the earbuds are charging in the charging case.

Overall, I think the earbuds provide a well-made construction and finish for the price which feels good. The shape of the earbuds is well suited for the ear as the underside has an ergonomic design that fits well.

Charging Case

The charging case is compact and pocketable, featuring a matte plastic construction like the earbuds. On the top is a glossy section which also contains some Edifier branding, with the rest of the case being fairly plain aside from a single LED indicator on the front to show when the case itself is charging, unfortunately it does not share the charging status of the earbuds, you’ll need to open it up to check the earbuds themselves.

On the back of the charging case is a micro-USB charging port, I would really like to see this be USB Type-C at this point, as I believe these earbuds are a fairly new model – so I don’t really see why Edifier couldn’t’ve made the change.

Edifier X3 charging case
The charging case is fairly basic

The hinge for opening the charging case is loose, so it doesn’t stay put when opened, so you could sometimes experience the lid closing as you are trying to get the earbuds out, but for a more budget pair of earbuds within the price bracket that the X3 fall into, that isn’t a huge issue.

Overall, the charging case is okay, and I like how compact the design and form-factor of it is and it, like the earbuds, is also lightweight.

Sound Quality

Considering that the X3 are a pair of £30 earbuds, I am very impressed with the sound quality that they deliver. The earbuds sound great for listening to music or spoken word content such as podcasts, with a surprisingly wide soundstage for stereo separation.

The earbuds sound good for a range of music genres, I mainly listen to pop and electronic music, so that’s what I’ve been mainly testing these headphones with. The earbuds are able to produce deep and rich bass which sounds great for kick drums or basslines for providing a punch with clear treble that doesn’t have sibilance or sound unpleasantly, resulting in clear vocals and instruments.

Edifier X3 being used by Richard
The earbuds provide great sound for the money

The earbuds sound to have a warmer sound signature, which favours bass a little, but it is not overwhelming or unpleasant to listen to – I am a big fan of how these earbuds sound, especially considering the price-point.

The passive sound isolation offered by the rubber ear tips is decent and does an ample job at reducing the effect of ambient noise around you. As far as volume goes, the earbuds provide a good amount of volume for listening, I found my sweet spot for volume to be bang on 50%.

Microphone Quality

If you find yourself needing to make a phone call or record a voice memo with these earbuds, you needn’t worry – the microphone quality is fantastic. The microphones managed to pick up my voice clearly and with good quality at an easily audible volume.


The earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which will bring added benefits to your listening experience if the device that you are connected to supports Bluetooth 5.0, such as better range and performance.

The earbuds also feature touch controls to control calls, voice assistants and track controls. Unfortunately, the earbuds do not support volume control through the touch controls, but you could use your device’s voice assistant if you do not wish to get your phone out your pocket. I found the touch controls to work well and they manage to pick up my finger well and promptly provided the desired result.

The earbuds also feature an IP55 dust and water resistance rating so you can wear these out and about in the rain or during exercise without worry.

Battery Life

The X3 earbuds provide up to 6 hours of listening on a single charge, which is very impressive for a pair of earbuds with this compact form factor. The charging case will provide an additional 18 hours of listening time before you need to charge up the charging case again – giving you a total of 24 hours.

Edifier X3 charging case port
The charging case is a little stuck in the past, not supporting the latest USB Type-C port

When it comes to charging up the charging case, this is done over micro-USB, I would’ve really liked to have seen this be USB Type-C as more and more devices move towards or are already using USB Type-C, it makes these earbuds look a little stuck in the past. Charging will take around an hour and a half.


If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds that sound great and are affordable, the Edifier X3 are a fantastic option. I am very impressed with the sound they deliver, and they come in a compact and portable form-factor.

The Edifier X3 true wireless earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon.

Edifier X3

Edifier X3
7 10 0 1
The Edifier X3 true wireless earbuds come in with an extremely compact form-factor, making them great for use on the go.
The Edifier X3 true wireless earbuds come in with an extremely compact form-factor, making them great for use on the go.
Total Score

The Good

  • Good sound for the price
  • IP55 dust and water resistance
  • 24 hours total listening time

The Bad

  • Flimsy case
  • Micro-USB charging is used and not USB Type-C
  • Only one colour option
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