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The FIFINE K678 microphone is a compact USB microphone for a range of different use-cases, such as conference calls, podcasting or vocal recording. The microphone features plug and play use and premium build quality for under £75.

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The design of the FIFINE K678 is fairly compact, although the Rode NT-USB Mini is still a little smaller in comparison, this compact form factor makes it easy to find somewhere to place the microphone on your desk as it doesn’t take up too much space or get in the way. This is particularly useful if you want to use it for conference calls as you can keep it hidden.

The microphone features metal construction with a matte black finish, giving the microphone a solid construction, which feels well-made and durable if you needed to take it on the road. The included stand also features the same construction characteristics, giving the microphone a sturdy weight when placed on a desk and features rubber feet to prevent any scratching or sliding around. The stand also features angle adjustment so you can angle the microphone capsule towards your mouth to get the best sound quality recording.

FIFINE K678 Microphone
The microphone features a sleek black design.

Of course, if you don’t want to use the included stand, the microphone includes an adapter in the box so you can place it on a boom arm or a different microphone stand – this could come in handy if you wish to get the microphone a little closer to your mouth or wish to put the microphone in a shock mount.

Looking around the microphone, which looks a lot like a Blue Yeti, the design is fairly simplistic, as it is a tube shape. On the front is some FIFINE branding as well as a microphone mute button and LED indicator light which is green and changes to red when the microphone is muted. It is handy to have a hardware mute button on the microphone if you need to quickly press mute without having to find the button in the software you may be using.

FIFINE K678 hardware controls
The rear side of the microphone features hardware controls for adjusting levels.

The rear side has gain controls for both the microphone itself, but also the headphone monitoring output on the bottom of the microphone. These dials are smoothly adjustable, so you can fine-tune any settings if required.

The top of the microphone is home to the condenser microphone capsule, there is no integrated pop filter, unfortunately, but there is a mesh layer between the capsule and the elements to help protect it – but this does little to prevent plosives, so you may still want to get a pop filter or windscreen if this is a concern.

The bottom side of the microphone features the USB Mini-B port for connecting it to your device with the included cable, which features plenty of length at around 2 meters long. There’s also the headphone monitoring jack as well as the screw thread for mounting the microphone on a different stand.

FIFINE K678 connectivity
The microphone’s ports and connectivity can be found on the underside.

The overall design of the microphone is very nice, it feels well made and built to last and is unobtrusive, so it would work in a home and office environment. My only hindrance with the design is that the microphone looks so similar from both the front and back sides, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re speaking into the correct side of the microphone or your recording quality will be negatively impacted.


The FIFINE K678 is a condenser microphone with a frequency response range of 40Hz to 20kHz, giving it a wide range of frequencies that it can capture, making it great for not only vocal work but you could also record instruments with it if needed. The microphone features a 16-bit bit depth and 48 kHz sample rate.

The microphone also features a cardioid polar pattern, so it is most sensitive to sound coming in from the front of the microphone with less sensitivity on the sides and little to no sensitivity on the rear, this is why it is important to ensure that you have the microphone oriented the correct way to ensure that you get the best quality recording.

FIFINE K678 microphone and stand
The included microphone stand angle can be adjusted.

Of course, the placement of the microphone is very important to getting a good quality recording. For my testing, I had the microphone mounted on the included stand which was slightly angled towards my mouth and face – so it was probably around 30 centimetres away from my mouth.

The microphone manages to provide great sound for the price, resulting in a rich and clear recording of my voice. The microphone performed well during online calls and also for recording when needed. During my testing, I found that I could keep the microphone gain quite low, but if you have the microphone a bit further away from your mouth you may want to turn it up a little.

The microphone lacks an integrated pop filter.

As mentioned earlier during the review, the microphone lacks an integrated pop filter so it can be quite sensitive to plosives when speaking. This isn’t much of an issue if the microphone is beneath me on a desk but if I am speaking directly into the microphone it manages to be quite prone to picking them up.

I also found that the microphone was quite sensitive to the sound coming out of my speakers, particularly Spotify which I like to leave playing in the background whilst I work, even when the microphone gain on the back turned all the way down, in comparison to the Rode NT1 that I usually use when recording on my computer but this could be resolved by wearing headphones.


Whilst I usually wouldn’t talk about the packaging of a product in a review, I have to mention the packaging of the FIFINE K678. FIFINE has done a great job with the packaging, providing a high-quality box that can be used to easily transport the microphone and safely store it.

FIFINE K678 box
The packaging provides a safe place to store the microphone.

The box contains cut out foam that securely holds the microphone in place when travelling and feels of very good quality. It’s well worth hanging onto the box as it could come in very handy in the future if you need to travel with the microphone and foam packaging like this would typically be something you’d need to find and buy separately.


If you’re looking to up your audio game on your computer for streaming or online calls, the FIFINE K678 is a great option. The Rode NT-USB Mini is a pricier competitor that is a little better on the spec sheet, but for a USB microphone that does exactly what it says on the box and provides both high-quality sound recording and great build quality, the K678 is well worth considering. I’m very impressed with how it performs for the money.

The FIFINE K678 is available to purchase on Amazon.


9 10 0 1
The FIFINE K678 microphone is a compact USB microphone for a range of different use-cases, such as conference calls, podcasting or vocal recording.
The FIFINE K678 microphone is a compact USB microphone for a range of different use-cases, such as conference calls, podcasting or vocal recording.
Total Score

The Good

  • High-quality construction
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Hardware mute control

The Bad

  • No integrated pop filter
  • No USB Type-C
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