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The Halberd is Gatekeeper’s newest device to help you secure and make your computer unlocking experience more convenient.

I’ve looked at the previous version of the Gatekeeper, which was simply called Gatekeeper back then – so this will be more of a reflection to see how things have changed and developed than since I last looked at Gatekeeper than a review.

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The design of the Halberd is professional and sleek and will blend in on any lanyard. The main finish of the Halberd is a rubberised matte plastic that makes it grippy and less likely to get scratched.

The front side of the device has the Halberd branding and the rear side is where the battery cover is, this will allow you to easily swap the CR2450 battery when needed – the device is projected to have a 6-month battery life which I think is great. The back also houses the cut-out for the small beeper speaker.

The side of the Halberd has a small button which can be used for functions that can be customized within the Gatekeeper software and it is also used during setup to allow you to fine tune the distance at which you want to lock your computer.

The top of the Gatekeeper is a nice chrome-looking finish that does improve the design of the product, making it look a little more decorative than just having the entire device covered in matte black.


The Gatekeeper performs a simple function and it does it well, although it is primarily targeted for business use – there is no reason you couldn’t purchase one for home use.

The basic functionality of the device is that it will automatically lock your computer when you walk away from it and when you re-enter the zone you have specified the computer will unlock.

The software gives you the ability to also use two factor authentication, so you need to enter a PIN as well as the Gatekeeper to log into your computer.

The device does require a USB receiver to be plugged into the computer for the Gatekeeper to work, so that is something to remember.


The software for the Gatekeeper allows you to set-up and configure the Halberd. Initial setup requires your Windows account credentials, I would like to see if there is a potential solution to now needing to enter my Windows credentials.

Training the Gatekeeper Halberd

Once the Gatekeeper software has been set up you can set the lock range distance and configure how locking and unlocking should behave. The software is polished, and it does everything it needs to do.


The Gatekeeper Halberd is a good product if you’re looking for additional ways to conveniently lock and unlock your device, whether it be in a home or business environment. It’s definitely a niche product, but I think it’s something handy and convenient to have.

Learn more about the Gatekeeper Halberd.

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