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The Wembley Palette case from Gear4 is a lightweight case for your iPhone and is available in a few different colour choices. One of the selling points of this case is that it features D30 impact protection on the top, bottom, and corners of the case.

Gear4 Wembley Palette

Gear4 Wembley Palette

The design of the case is lightweight and fairly slim although not as slim as Apple’s silicone MagSafe case, this is likely due to the added protection features built into the case. The sides and top of the case are a decent thickness to offer added protection from all sides, but despite this, the case does not feel substantially different to hold in comparison to a thinner and lighter case.

Gear4 Wembley Palette front
Despite the added protection features, the case still has a slim design.

The case has a polycarbonate TPU build and has some flexibility to it, so it is easy to put on and remove. Unfortunately, this does also mean that the case can become warped, on the unit I’ve been testing the top is a little off on one side, which has been slightly annoying as I can see some of my phone’s aluminium frame showing underneath.

The case is available in a few colours, smoke, navy blue and saffron yellow. The case I’ve been testing is the navy-blue version. The case has a combination of both a glossy and matte finish across the case, which helps break up the design and give it a bit more of a dynamic look. The top and bottom elements are glossy and slightly protrude above the matte back of the case, these glossy elements house the D30 impact protection, which should be able to offer good impact protection as the case and D30 material is designed to mitigate an impact.

Gear4 Wembley Palette buttons
The buttons are easy find on the case.

Looking around the sides of the case, there are slightly embossed buttons with a recess around the button shape, this makes the buttons easy to find as there is an interruption in the smooth sides of the case. I did notice that the buttons did feel quite mushy to press, which isn’t a great feeling for a case as it can be difficult to tell if you pressed hard enough to trigger a button press.

The sides of the case fully wrap around the sides of your device and sit slightly above the display to provide a little bit of extra protection to the display. Of course, if you want more protection, you could add a screen protector to fully shield the display glass of your device. There are also large cut-outs for the speaker, microphone, and mute switch.

The case also features an antibacterial treatment, Gear4 says this will be able to prevent the case from smelling over time throughout daily usage – so your case will smell as good as it did on day one.


If you’re looking for a case that offers rugged features in a slim and lightweight form factor, the Wembley Palette from Gear4 is a good option. It would be nice to have the case a little less flexible, so it is less prone to warping and buttons that are a little more tactile, but overall, it is a decent choice as a case for daily use that offers protection in a slim form factor.

Gear4 Wembley Palette iPhone case is available to purchase on Amazon or directly from ZAGG.

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