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When I’ve used a Mac, one of the handiest features I’ve found is Quick Look, a feature of macOS that allows you to view files such as photos, videos. PDFs and folder information without the need to open the file itself.

This feature has never been available in Windows itself, but with a free utility called QuickLook – you will be able to easily and quickly view files just like you can on the Mac.

QuickLook can easily be downloaded from the Microsoft Store (built into Windows 10). Once you’ve downloaded it, open up the program from the start menu and from then on it will automatically run whenever you start your computer.

If you’re not using Windows 10, or simply don’t want to use the Store version, you can download QuickLook from GitHub here.


Once you’ve got QuickLook running in the background, you can highlight an item in Windows’ File Explorer and tap the spacebar. This will open up a preview of the selected file (as long as the file format is supported by QuickLook) and all you need to do is tap the spacebar one more time to close the preview.

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