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These are the Jayfi JET-830 earbuds, this is a lesser well know brand so you may have avoided earbuds like these when you go to look online for some, but I am going to tell you what I think of them.


The design of the Jayfi JET-830 earbuds is extremely simplistic with some minimalistic branding on them. The construction of the earbuds is all plastic with a glossy black finish which does mean that they are a bit of a fingerprint magnet but luckily the fingerprints aren’t that visible. The cable is a rubber finish and so far, I haven’t managed to badly tangle it which is a great bonus.

The earbuds are over ear which means that the cable wraps around the top of your ear. At the top of the earbud cable is an extra reinforced and mouldable section of cable that can be bent around your ear to ensure that the earbud stays in place.

One of the things that caught my attention is the sponge ear tips that come included with the earbuds, there are of course rubber ones included as well, and the rubber ones come in multiple sizes. The sponge ear tips are great and are very comfortable, I just wish that Jayfi would include multiple sizes in the box for people like me, that use the smaller rubber sized ear tips.

Overall the design is fairly standard as far as earbuds go and they don’t stand out which is a great bonus.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality on the Jayfi JET-830 earbuds I think is very impressive for the price, the sound is definitely on the warm side and I think that they are bass boosted earbuds, which is very common for this price bracket of earbud. But I have to say, the bass boost is not as strong in these earbuds as I have found in others, and from these earbuds I don’t get a headache from the bass which is always a great advantage. The highs are also very well produced with vocals sounding great and I was impressed on the soundstage that these earbuds could deliver but obviously, they will come nowhere near as close a good pair of headphones.

Noise Isolation

An important consideration for earbuds is noise isolation, because if you want to isolate yourself with the music you don’t want background noise from things such as public transport interrupting you. The earbuds have great noise isolation and they manage to cut out pretty much any noise around me (I’ve been using the sponge ear tips).


Overall the Jayfi JET-830’s are a great pair of cheap earbuds, it took me a while to manage to put them on correctly but once I was over that hurdle I was fine. If you’re out looking for a decent pair of earbuds on the cheap then I’d highly recommend these.

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