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This is the Jisoncase Vintage Leather Slim Case, a leather phone case designed to be thin and still protect your phone.

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I’ve been using an older version of this case for the past year and a half, so when Jisoncase got in touch and wanted me to review the newer version I was more than happy to. So, I shall be using my experience with my older case as part of the review.


The design of the case is fairly minimalistic, with it surrounding the entire phone with an opening at the bottom for the ports and speaker. The colour of the case that I have is a saddle brown colour, which is one of my favourites but it is also available in red and black colours at the time of this review.

The case itself wraps around the entire device, with a hole on the side for the mute switch and the volume and power buttons are embossed. I do wish that these were metal buttons as over time, on my older case, the buttons will get less clicky and the embossment will become flattened. Metal buttons would also help enhance the premium feel of the case.

The back of the case is very simple, with some branding at the bottom and a camera cut out at the top. The inside of the case is lined with a soft fabric to help protect the phone. But as far as the design goes, that’s pretty much it.


So now we’ve covered looks, but the most important part of the case is how well it actually protects your phone. I can say that the Jisoncase slim case does a great job at protecting my phone. My older case has seen plenty of drops from various heights and angles, including down some concrete steps and my phone is completely fine.

This is thanks to the plastic core shell of the case being able to take the impacts of drops and also thanks to the top of the case being raised slightly above the screen to help protect the screen.


So, in conclusion, the case does a good job of protecting your phone whilst looking good and not being too bulky. The case is fairly similar to Apple’s own cases but coming it at a more affordable price that won’t break the bank.

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