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The KitSound Boombar+ is a small and portable bluetooth speaker, making it great to chuck in your bag and take with you anywhere.

The speaker comes in a range of colours, my version is red and the colour is prominent throughout the entire design of the speaker. The Boombar+ is controlled through a single button which can be found on the front of the speaker, this of course means that you will have to look up the different combinations of button presses to control the speaker in the manual as you have to use the button for all speaker functions.

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The speaker also has a microUSB charging port, a microphone for phone calls and there is also an AUX in port so you can use the speaker with a device that does not carry bluetooth functionality. The back of the speaker houses the removable battery which can hold up to 20 hours of play time which is great for a day out. I can also check the battery life of the speaker from my iPhone which is a great little added bonus of having the speaker – as this feature is not found on all speakers.

The Boombar+ itself has two normal speakers as well as a passive subwoofer, with the power of all of these speakers the speaker can get to very loud volumes with ease and there is very little distortion at the higher audio levels. But, if you are someone that loves a lot of bass, the Boombar+ isn’t going to be for you as there is bass present in tracks and the speaker isn’t tinny but it isn’t the bassiest bluetooth speaker in the world which is a bit of a shame as having that extra bass would make this speaker even better value for money than it already is.


I think that the Boombar+ isn’t very bass heavy as it is actually a very slim and light bluetooth speaker, which is great but this unfortunately means that the passive subwoofer doesn’t deliver a lot of bass.

But for £30, I think the Boombar+ is great value for money and comes in at a great price point for what it delivers, and the speaker itself also looks good (and the packaging looks great as well).


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