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Mophie’s 15W wireless charging pad comes along as a premium choice for a wireless charging pad, featuring a sleek design that will fit in well to a home or office environment that supports Qi-enabled devices.

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iPhone charging on the Mophie 15W wireless charging pad

mophie Wireless 15W
Charging Pad

The design of the charging pad looks great and feels nice, with a very compact form factor that makes it great for your desk or nightstand. The charging pad is constructed from a rubberised feeling plastic, which helps with the feet on the underside to prevent it from sliding around on a surface. This also results in a very lightweight build – making it great for travelling with if needed. The construction and build quality of the charging pad also feels very good, it feels well made and solid.

The top of the charging pad has a soft fabric material, rather than the plastic tops that can be found on other charging pads. This means that your phone is less likely to become scratched or scuffed as the top is soft and it also results in a feeling which not only feels a lot more pleasant but also looks better than hard plastic.

Mophie 15W Wireless Charging Pad
The wireless charging pad features a fabric top, giving a soft surface for your devices to charge on.

On the front of the charging pad is an LED indicator light, this will illuminate white when your device has been correctly placed onto the pad and begins to charge your device. This is a good indicator to quickly check that the charging pad is working as intended, although due to the placement of the LED, it can sometimes be difficult to see as the sides of the charging pad taper inwards. This LED also automatically turns off after some time, so it can be a little confusing to see whether your device is still charging or not – it would be better to leave the indicator on all the time whilst the charging pad is charging a device.

The back of the charging pad contains the barrel plug power connector, inside an oval-shaped cutout, which works with the included power supply. I’m not sure why Mophie chose to go with a barrel plug when many other comparative charging pads make use of USB Type-C. This may have been how Mophie has been able to supply the power required to enable 15W charging, but it would be nicer to see something with a more accessible port in the future.


The up to 15W wireless charging speed that Mophie has built into the charging pad is a well-rounded speed that will work well with the supported capabilities of the latest mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, unfortunately, iPhones will only charge at 7.5W, at the moment, despite MagSafe wireless charging being able to deliver 15W to the iPhone 12 series of devices. This isn’t Mophie’s fault and more of a problem, an annoying one at that, with how Apple sets the charging rate of Qi chargers within iOS.

iPhone charging on the Mophie 15W wireless charging pad
The wireless charging pad offers good wireless charging performance.

The wireless charging pad supports Qi-enabled devices, so it can charge a wide range of products from Qi-enabled earbuds to Qi-enabled smartphones. When charging your smartphone, the wireless charger can charge through cases that are up to 3mm in thickness, I had no issues charging my iPhone 12 mini wirelessly with the MagSafe case and some Smartish grip cases that I am currently testing for a review.

Whilst it is a premium choice for a wireless charger, the Mophie wireless charging pad actually comes in at a fairly similar price to the competition when you take the included power adapter into account, Mophie includes everything you need to get up and running out of the box.

Mophie 15W wireless charging pad power adapter
The wireless charging pad is powered by the provided power supply.

Anker’s 15W wireless charging pad costs just over half the price, at £25, but doesn’t include a power adapter – when you add the cost of a power adapter that can deliver the required power into the mix, the price turns out to be quite similar. However, I still do think that Mophie has mad the charging pad a little pricey.


Mophie’s 15W wireless charging pad is a good-looking charging pad for your home or office that offers great build quality, and everything included in the box to get up and running. As a result of the premium build, it is a little pricey in comparison to the competition, but if you’re looking for a wireless charging pad and are happy to pay that little bit extra this is a good option.

The Mophie 15W wireless charging pad is available to purchase on Amazon or directly from Mophie.

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