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The Mpow H5 headphones are a pair of lightweight Bluetooth over-ear headphones that come in at an affordable price at around £50. The headphones feature up to 18 hours of listening time and active noise cancellation, which is handy if you’re commuting a lot or work in a noisy environment.

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The design of the headphones is sleek, modern and makes use of a few different materials. Most of the headphone is made from a mix of glossy and matte plastic which feels high quality and durable, but the use of glossy plastic on the earcups does mean that they can get covered in fingerprints and smudges pretty quickly when you begin to use the headphones. I think I would rather have had the glossy section to use the matte finish as it would’ve matched the rest of the sleek design.

The headphones feature metal on the hinge, as these headphones fold up, and use metal on the slide bar. This means that the headphones will be able to take the repetitive use of folding and sliding the headphones to ensure they are comfortable.

Mpow H5 Earcup
The earcups and the headband are soft and comfortable.

The headphones feature plenty of padding on the headband and earcups which makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headphones are also lightweight, which definitely helps with keeping the headphones comfortable.

The controls for the headphones can be found on the bottom of each ear shell. The left-hand side has most of your controls for power, play/pause and volume – as well as an LED indicator and a micro-USB port for charging the headphones. The right-hand side has the switch to toggle the active noise cancellation which will work even with the headphones powered off as well as a 3.5mm jack for connecting the detachable cable.

Sound Quality


The sound quality is pretty decent for a pair of Bluetooth headphones at this price. The headphones give punchy bass and clear sound that is good for casually listening to music and are powered by 40mm drivers.

There is definitely some bass boosting going on, which gives some thumping to kick drums and bass frequencies – I wouldn’t say the bass is overwhelming and I haven’t gotten a headache from using these headphones.

Richard wearing Mpow H5 headphones.
The headphones sound decent, but there is some bass boosting.

I think that the mid frequencies are a little lacking, resulting in sound that is slightly muddy, which does reduce the clarity of the sound – I’ve found this to be quite prominent in some vocal tracks. The treble frequencies sound good and clear with higher pitched vocals and instruments.

With all of that to consider, my summary would be that the headphones provide a good quality sound for the price with decent clarity throughout – but some tracks can sound muddy due to the lack of clarity from the mid frequencies.

Sound isolation from the earcups isn’t that great on its own as it lets in a lot of ambient sounds, but I as soon as I had music playing – I wasn’t able to hear any ambient sound around me.


The microphone has a good level of sensitivity and was able to pick up my voice well. The audio from it does sound quite muffled, so it’s not the clearest microphone – but if you needed to take a phone call with the headphones on it would do.

Features and Accessories

The main feature of these headphones is their active noise cancelling functionality. The ANC manages to remove a lot of the loud low-end frequencies and hums from the environment that I was in, but you will still be able to hear some of the higher end frequencies.

When you pair the ANC up with actually listening to music, you should be able to hear very little around you.

Mpow H5 and included cables.
The headphones come with cables and a soft carrying pouch (not pictured).

The headphones also come with a soft carrying pouch that you can use to protect them whilst you’re travelling, and you can also keep the charging and 3.5mm cables in there too.

Battery Life

With the Mpow H5’s you can expect to get up to 18 hours of battery life depending on whether you’re using ANC and the volume you’re listening at. When it comes to charging up the headphones again, that can be done in around 2-3 hours.

An advantage of these headphones is that even when they are flat, they can still be used and powered passively by your 3.5mm headphone jack – providing that the device that you are listening to the headphones with has one of those.


Mpow H5
These headphones are a decent choice.

So, in conclusion, the Mpow H5 headphones are a good pair of wireless headphones. They provide decent sound for the price and include active noise cancelling and full-day battery life.

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