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I’ve been using the same band for my Apple Watch since I bought it in 2017, so I decided it was time for a change. So, in this article, I’ll be giving my initial impressions on the Nike Sport Loop band.


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Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience of the band is simple and easy, only the strap itself and some instructions are included in the box. The band feels of a high quality and it is soft to the touch.

Apple Watch with Nike Sport Loop
Swapping to the Nike Sport Loop was easy and straightforward

Once I’d removed my old band, the instructions made it simple to attach the band to my watch by clicking it into place.


It does feel different coming from the fluoroelastomer, synthetic rubber, material that was used on the Sport Band – but after wearing the Sport Loop for a week, it’s starting to feel a lot more normal.

One of the main reasons that I decided to purchase the Sport Loop is that I wanted something more breathable and the nylon material that this band is made from offers that.

I’ve also found that the Sport Loop slides around on my wrist a lot less than the Sport Band when I am sweating during exercise. That was really one of my pet peeves with the Sport Band, so I’m glad that my watch doesn’t slide around on my wrist anymore.

Hook and loop pads on Nike Sport Loop
The band fastens itself with five hook-and-loop pads

The band secures itself using five hook-and-loop pads. By using five individual pads, this ensures that the band can still be flexible enough to wrap around your arm, whilst still offering a secure way to have the band on your wrist.

If you’re wondering what the main difference between the Nike Sport Loop and the Apple Sport Loop is, the Nike variants have reflective stitching within the band, which can make it safer when running at night.

Nike Sport Loop reflective stitching
There are a few differences between the Apple and Nike Sport Loops

Another difference between the Black Sport Loop and the Nike Black Sport Loop is that Apple’s variant has speckled colours, whilst the Nike one is jet black.


Overall, I’m happy with my choice to switch up my watch band. My old one was looking a little worse for wear and I’m happy with the benefits that I am seeing of the Sport Loop.

Of course – I’ll have to see how this compares in the long run, but my initial thoughts are very good.

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