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The Logitech PowerShell is a gaming case for the iPhone 5/5s and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

The main feature of this case is of course the gaming functionality. It features a D-pad and ABXY buttons for controls. The front of the case also has a power switch, a pause button and cutouts for the speakers on the bottom of your device. The PowerShell also features two triggers on the top of the device as well as a power switch on the left hand side to enable charging functionality.

Gaming on the case is great, the buttons all feel very clicky. But unlike the buttons, the D-pad feels a bit mushy, which is not good.

Otherwise it is all good, the case is constructed from plastic with a plasticy rubber back which helps grip wise and it feels good to hold in the hand.

My main issue with this case cannot be solved by Logitech though, the issue is that there aren’t many games that actually support the case. It’s up to developers to support the case with their games so I am able to use a controller with the games, otherwise this case would be a lot better, and a lot more useful than it currently is.

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