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If you’re looking to cut down on paper and start digitizing your documents, you don’t have to go out and buy a scanner. You most likely already have a device that can do it all for you, your smartphone.

There are a bunch of scanning apps available on the App Store, but my favourite app is Scannable by Evernote. Unfortunately, Scannable isn’t available on Android but you will find the same functionality inside the Evernote app or you can download Office Lens.

The main reason I like Scannable is that it does exactly what it says on the tin, the app is simple and not full of bloat either. All you have to do is open up the app and point your device’s camera at the document you’d like to scan. The app will automatically crop and adjust settings to make sure the white paper looks white on the scan, which some other scanning apps don’t support, and you can even scan multiple page documents in one go.

Once you’ve scanned your document you have the option to save it to Evernote, or you can tap Share and you’ll have options to save the document to cloud services such as OneDrive or Dropbox. So even if you don’t use Evernote, you can still use the app!

If you’re an Android user, you’ll want to download Evernote or Office Lens. If you choose Evernote, you’ll get exactly the same functionality as Scannable but you will have to create an Evernote account. If you choose Office Lens, you don’t have to sign in with any accounts, but your results will be different from Scannable. But regardless of which app you choose, the concept is the same and you’ll still be able to scan your documents.

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