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This is the Sensport Move Mini, a small and portable Bluetooth speaker that is lightweight and waterproof to go wherever you are going whilst still managing to pack a punch in the sound department.


The design of the speaker is fairly simple, looking sleek and streamlined with a rounded-square design. So, it shouldn’t stand out too much where you decide to use it. The main construction of the speaker is plastic, with a metal speaker grill on the front.

On the top of the speaker, you have your buttons and controls such as volume rocker and power button. A touch of detail to note here is that the volume buttons are raised, compared to the other buttons that are embossed. So, if you need to quickly change volume, you can make sure that you’re pressing the correct button.

On the front, you have the main speaker grill itself with the Sensport logo on it. Behind this grill is the main 6-watt driver for the speaker as well as a passive subwoofer, I was quite surprised to find a passive subwoofer on a speaker this small and light and I have to say it helps out a lot in the sound department.

The sides are pretty simple, with a hole for a carabiner or the included PU leather string that will allow you to hang the speaker somewhere if you want to.

The back is where all your connectivity options are, with a micro-USB charging port as well as an AUX in and micro-SD card slot if you don’t want to use a second device to control the music. These ports on the back have a rubber seal to cover them when you don’t need to use them as the speaker is IPX6 waterproof.

There are also some grippy rubber feet on the bottom, so the speaker doesn’t slip around, but make sure to peel off the plastic cover for them. These feet help a lot with keeping the speaker still as it is so light.

Sound Quality

Sensport Move Mini Speaker Grill

For the size of the Move Mini, the sound quality is excellent. The speaker manages to provide clear-sounding audio with punchy bass.

The main speaker driver itself is a 50mm 6-watt driver that provides clear audio regardless of if you’re listening quietly or loudly. This driver goes hand in hand with the passive subwoofer that sits alongside it.

The passive subwoofer helps make the speaker sound fantastic, enabling punchy drum kicks in EDM tracks and enough bass to keep you happy listening. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of bass since this is in such a small form factor, but it still sounds decent.

My only complaint is that the sound from this speaker doesn’t fill a room. Not in the sense that it doesn’t get loud, which it does. But it would still be nice if the sound could be a little fuller.

Features & Accessories

The speaker has a rating of IPX6 and a shockproof enclosure, making it great for outdoor use as splashes of water won’t harm it and it can take a tumble.

The speaker also has the choice to play audio from a micro-SD card if you’d like to. The speaker supports up to a 32GB card and supports MP3 and WMA file formats.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Move Mini is great, you can get over a full day of play time if you’re listening at around 60% volume – which is handy for a day out. If you decide to listen at 100% volume, you can expect around 5 or 6 hours of playtime.

When you need to charge the speaker back up again, it’ll take around 3 or 4 hours to get it back to 100%.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a small Bluetooth speaker to chuck into your bag this is a great choice. It provides a powerful sound in a small form factor and sounds good doing it too.

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