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The Short Crust Plus is the next generation of Short Crust cases for your Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+.

The case is made from high quality plastic and still features its nice glossy top. The main shell now comes in two colours, the same grey that was used on the last version of the case, or a black coloured case. The case now also comes with a spacer which allows you to have a bit of extra room above the Raspberry Pi board which can be useful if you are using the GPIO pins.

The Pi is attached securely into the case and can be released with the a small release lever on the underside of the case. Also on the underside is a collection of cutouts to provide cooling to the Pi.

On this version of the case, the top simply just clicks into place, no screws required which makes it easy to remove the top when you don’t have any tools lying around.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple, clean and elegant case for or your Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, the Short Crust Plus is the way to go.

I would like to thank Pi Supply for sending this case out for review.

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