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The Short Crust is one of the nicest cases I have seen for the Raspberry Pi, it is constructed from high quality plastic and has a nice and sleek glossy top with the “Short Crust” logo displaying on it.

One of the favourite things I like about this case is the fact that the USB power port has been moved to the other side thanks to a cable inside the case. This means that the power port is alongside the USB and Ethernet ports, leaving a sleek look to the front of the Pi. The glossy top of the case can be a bit of a dust and fingerprint magnet but it looks fine if you’re not super close-up to the case.

The Pi is attached securely into the case and can be released with the small “lever” on the underside of the case. Also on the underside is a vent for cooling, cutouts for the rubber feet included and a tidy slot for the SD card.

The top of the case is entirely plan apart from the “Short Crust” logo and the two screws which are screwed into place with an allen key.

Overall I think the “Short Crust” case for the Raspberry Pi is a really high quality and well designed case for your Raspberry Pi if you want it to look good in a setup, for example – in a home theatre setup. You can watch the video review that I made below and you can also find links to buy this case.


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