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The SoundPEATS Q12 is a pair of small, lightweight and budget earbuds that you can pick up for under £20.

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The design of the Q12 earbuds is extremely nice. The earbuds themselves are light thanks to the plastic construction. A range of various sized earbuds and ear-hooks are included in the box to make sure that the earbuds are comfortable to wear, I use the small sized earbuds and hooks.

The earbuds also have magnets in them so when you’re not using them you can clip them together for storage or wear them around your neck. The wire that connects the two earbuds is a ribbon style cable, with in-line controls on the right-hand side of the cable.

Thanks to the lightweight build, the headphones are very comfortable to wear whilst doing sports or for long durations of time. I also did not notice the cable on my neck whilst wearing the earbuds.

I did have to use one of the included line buckles to shorten the cable whilst doing sports or the sound of the cable bouncing on the back of my neck would pass through quite prominently to the earbuds.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the SoundPEATS Q12 earbuds is excellent. I felt that the bass, mid and treble frequencies were well balanced and neither one overwhelmed the other – which can happen on budget earbuds.

Noise isolation is also something important to consider. The earbuds provide plenty of volume if you need them to and the earbuds help to create a seal to cut out background noise and distractions around you.

Battery Life

SoundPEATS says that the battery life for the Q12 earbuds can be up to 8 hours, and that seems accurate. I’ve been testing these earbuds for the last couple of weeks and have yet to charge them for the second time.

SoundPEATS Q12 In-Line Controls
SoundPEATS Q12 In-Line Controls

When it is time to charge the earbuds, they are charged with the included micro USB cable which plugs into the in-line remote.


If you’re looking for a bargain pair of earbuds that are wireless, I think that the SoundPEATS Q12 earbuds are a great choice, they’re lightweight and comfortable to wear and provide great sound quality.

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