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Spigen’s ArcField wireless charging stand for Apple Watch lets you put your watch on display when it’s charging and give it a more secure charger to sit on as it charges. What separates this particular charging stand from the rest, including my old Spigen stand I bought a few years ago, is that the charging pad itself is built into the stand.

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Spigen ArcField Apple Watch

Spigen ArcField
Apple Watch Stand


The design of the charging stand looks sleek and streamlined and features a matte plastic build throughout which gives it a durable finish that won’t scratch your watch. The built-in charging pad sticks out of the base of the charger so your watch can be used in a horizontal nightstand mode if you wish. Like Apple’s own charger, the charging pad is magnetic and secures your watch into place when charging and there’s plenty of space behind the charger to accommodate your watchband.

There are also some rubber inserts included within the box that are inserted into the stand to ensure your watch is supported when on the charger, there are 5 inserts that are designed for various Apple Watch sizes as well as one designed for cases – so if you use an Apple Watch case, you shouldn’t run into any issues as long as it isn’t too bulky. The underside of the charger features a rubber pad as well as a weighted base which prevents the charger from sliding around on your table, this is a big problem with Apple’s own charger as it is just a plastic puck, so it can be prone to sliding around.

Spigen ArcField Wireless charger stand for apple watch.
The stand has a compact footprint, making it great for a nightstand.

The front of the charger has a small Spigen logo, but aside from that, there’s no other prominent branding around the design of the charger. The back of the charger features the affixed 2-metre USB Type-C cable, the inclusion of it on this charger is certainly beneficial as it is designed to be futureproof, but you will need to provide your own power plug – there isn’t one included in the box. The cable itself feels high quality and is flexible and lightweight so it won’t move the stand around. Part of me would like the cable to be removable as it would make the stand more modular, but the long cable length should be long enough for most charging setups.

Overall, the design of this charger is very nice and well built. It’s low profile so it doesn’t stand out and the ability for it to properly support your Apple Watch size thanks to modular rubber inserts is a nice touch and the fact that the stand itself has a built-in charging pad means that the one that came with your watch can now be a spare for travelling or keeping in your backpack.


Aside from the design features, the ArcField charger for Apple Watch also has some handy features to improve and ensure that it provides a good charging experience for your watch. I think that one of the most important features is that this charger does feature a “Made for Apple Watch” MFi certification from Apple, so it is designed specifically for the Apple Watch. This gives you some peace of mind that you know the charger is going to work with the Watch.

Spigen ArcField Wireless charger stand on desk.
The charger is MFi certified, ensuring it will work properly with an Apple Watch.

The charger also features some of Spigen’s safety and optimisation technology that they’ve incorporated into some of their other products. The charger’s Airboost feature ensures that the watch is being provided with the correct power output and IntelligentSafety is Spigen’s umbrella of safety features to ensure that the charger does its job safely.

During my testing with the charger, I haven’t experienced any charging issues and whenever I’ve needed to use it, the charger has been able to quickly recognise when I’ve placed my watch on the charger and begin charging – it does exactly what it says on the box.


If you’re looking for a compact and all-in-one solution for charging your Apple Watch, the Spigen ArcField charger is a good choice. The design is sleek, and the USB Type-C connectivity is a pleasant bonus. I would like to see it available in more than just a single colour in the future as the Apple Watch has so many different design combinations, but overall I’m very happy with how this charger performs and all of this for only £5 more than Apple’s charging cable makes the ArcField charger decent value.

The Spigen ArcField Wireless charger stand for Apple Watch is available to purchase on Amazon.

The Summary

Spigen ArcField Wireless charger stand for Apple Watch
9 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good

  • USB Type-C connectivity.
  • Included rubber pads ensure good fit.

The Bad

  • Cable is not removable.
  • No included power brick.
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