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The Ett true wireless earbuds from Sudio feature active noise cancelling, up to 30 hours of listening time and an IPX5 water resistance rating.

Sudio has these aimed as a competitor for Apple’s premium priced AirPods Pro but offering all of this for £129.

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The earbuds come in a range of different colours with a matte finish, which helps to hide any scratches that may occur by using the earbuds over time. The earbuds have a plastic construction, which makes them lightweight and less strenuous to wear, the plastic feels soft to the touch and the build quality feels good.

Sudio Ett earbuds
The earbuds have a matte finish

The outer side of the earbud is home to the multi-function button which can activate the active noise cancelling, as well as control tracks and calls. Unfortunately, this is a physical button, unlike the Sudio Fem earbuds, so it takes a little more force for the button to be pressed than a touch surface button.

There’s also an LED indicator on the outer side, which will let you know the status of the earbuds, as well as a couple of microphones. The underside of the earbuds has Sudio’s branding as well as a letter to let you know which ear the earbud should be in.

The bottom of the earbuds has a glossy metallic finish to it, this area is where the charging contacts are located which will sit on the pins when placed into the charging case.

As I mentioned, the earbuds are quite light, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods. The earbuds also come with a wide selection of different ear tips so you can get the best fit, resulting in better sound quality and comfort.

Charging Case

The charging case shares the same matte finish as the earbuds. The case has a rectangular design with rounded edges which help the case be more comfortable in your pockets. The charging case is slightly thicker than my AirPods charging case, but it is still pocketable.

Sudio Ett charging case
The charging case features the same design characteristics as the earbuds

The case has four indicator LEDs on the front that will let you know the charge status of the case as well as when the earbuds are charging. The USB Type-C charging port can be found on the left-hand side of the case as well as a string to tie the earbuds to something such as a bag or a clip.

Sound Quality


The Ett earbuds provide a good overall listening experience, with balanced amounts of bass and treble frequencies.

Sudio Ett earbuds being worn
The earbuds sound good

I do wish that the mid frequencies had a little more clarity as they can sometimes sound a little subdued, but for casual listening, I think the earbuds do a decent job at providing a good experience. The bass isn’t overpowering, but is still present, which I prefer, as this means I can listen more comfortably for longer periods of time.

Sudio Ett ear tips
Sudio includes a wide assortment of ear tips

Sound isolation is fantastic thanks to the wide assortment of ear tips included in the box, there are three sizes on conic ear tips and five parabolic sizes. The parabolic style seems to be a new popular trend with true wireless earbuds, but I am glad to see that Sudio decided to include conic ear tips as well as they help me get a better fit.


The earbuds’ microphone quality sounds great for making and taking voice calls or memos. The microphones managed to pick up my voice clearly and to a good volume.


The earbuds have features which make them great for exercise or travel. Support for Bluetooth 5.0 means your earbuds will be supported fully by the latest devices and IPX5 water resistance, so you’ll be able to break a sweat and wear the earbuds whilst at the gym or on a run.

The active noise cancellation is also very impressive, it managed to cut out whirring ambient fan noise during my testing almost completely. The earbuds do a great job at removing any low pitches ambient sounds, some treble sounds do manage to seep through but the effect that the active noise cancelling can have is substantial.

The microphones also have “Clear Voice” environmental noise cancelling, so your voice memos or phone calls will be clear to listen to by reducing the amount of background noise that is detected by the microphones.

Battery Life

The Ett earbuds provide up to 6 hours of listening time per charge, if you want to use active noise cancellation it reduces to 4 hours per charge, but of course this can vary depending on your listening volume.

The charging case can bring a total of 4 additional charges to give you 30 hours of listening or 20 hours with active noise cancelling, so you will be able to listen throughout the day without any worries of running out of power.

When it comes to charging up the case, that can be done using the USB Type-C port on the side. The charging case also supports wireless charging, so you can place them on a charging pad to charge them up, no cable required.


Sudio’s Ett earbuds provide a range of great features at a reasonable price. The listening experience provides good quality sound alongside a well-made product.

Sudio Ett charging case

The active noise cancelling works well and the price undercuts much of what is on the market, making them a compelling choice and the comfort of the earbuds thanks to their light weight and range of ear tips makes them great to wear.

The Sudio Fem earbuds are available to purchase on Sudio’s website, you can save 15% with the discount code “RichardTech15” until 24 July 2020.

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