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Sudio’s T2 earbuds are their latest set of earbuds in their line-up and a successor to their Tolv earbuds, but also sit alongside their Ett active noise cancelling earbuds I reviewed early last year. T2 also feature active noise cancelling, but also tout Bluetooth 5.2, 35 hours of listening time and quick charging for when it’s time to top up on battery again.

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Sudio T2 earbuds

Sudio T2 Earbuds


The Sudio T2 feature a compact and lightweight design, the earbuds are available in a variety of colours but for this review, I’ve been testing the black variant. The earbuds feature a matte black plastic finish which is soft to the touch, this helps hide any scratches or scuffs that could show up on the earbuds from regular use and gives them a design that is subtle and slick. The matte finish of the earbuds also has a rubberised feel, so taking the earbuds out of the case and putting them in your ears feels secure, you don’t feel as if you’re going to accidentally drop the earbuds.

The earbuds follow a bud-style design, so there’s no stem sticking out the bottom of the earbuds – yet again, this makes the earbuds subtle as they don’t stand out when you’re wearing them. The outer side of the earbuds features touch controls which have a circular patterned look that catches the light nicely. At first, this does look like a button, but it is a touch control.

Sudio T2 earbuds and charging case
The earbuds feature a compact and comfortable design.

The touch controls are fairly feature-rich, with the ability to control track, volume, call functions and switch between the different modes the earbuds support and I had no problems using the controls, they were able to receive any taps without problems and make an audible indicator when the mode is switched.

As we move around to the underside of the earbuds, you’ll see some microphones dotted around – these are for the active noise cancelling as well as when making phone calls. The underside of the earbuds features a very comfortable and ergonomic shape that fits well within the ears, this allows you to get a comfortable fit that is also secure, so whether you’re wearing these sitting down or at the gym – you’ll have no problems.

 The T2 feature a rubber ear-tip design, this aids with a secure fit but also offers passive sound isolation when not using ANC and greatly assists ANC when active as the ear-tip will act as a plug to help reduce the amount of ambient sound the ANC needs to fight against. Sudio includes some alternative ear-tip sizes in the box so you can get the best fit, however, I found the ones fitted out of the box to work just fine.

Charging Case

The charging case, like the earbuds, feels compact and lightweight and shares the same nice rubberised matte finish throughout. The case also features a very rounded design, so there are no jagged edges that might poke you when storing the earbuds away in your pocket.

The case features a string loop on the right-hand side so you can clip the case to a bag, how useful this actually is – I’m not too sure, but it is a design feature that Sudio does usually include on all their earbud charging cases. The case features some branding on the front and a USB Type-C charging port on the back which features a charging status light beneath it, there’s also a repairing button on the bottom.

The case hinge does feel a little loose when opened as it does not click into place, so could accidentally close if you hold it at a steep angle, although it doesn’t accidentally close as easily as some other earbuds on the market. The earbuds are securely held in the case with magnets and LED indicators clearly show when an earbud is charging.

Sound Quality

The Sudio T2 feature a dynamic and energised listening experience that makes them great for day-to-day listening as well as for use during exercise as they’ll provide a punchy beat to see you through your workout thanks to their 8mm drivers.

Richard testing the Sudio T2 earbuds
The earbuds sound good, providing a dynamic and energetic listening experience.

The earbuds definitely have a warmer sound signature and lean towards bass, but that’s not a bad thing as they still do a good job of delivering a pleasant overall sound. The earbuds feature clear treble that offers a clean listening experience when it comes to vocals and the bass is deep and offers an impressive soundstage for a pair of earbuds – delivering an immersive listening experience.

The bass may be prominent and energised, which delivers a dynamic listening experience, but it does not drown out the other sound frequencies such as the mid and treble. As far as the sound profile goes, I have no complains – and that’s a good thing as there’s no way to adjust the EQ of the earbuds themselves. Any EQ adjustments you wish to make will need to be done from within your music app of choice. I also found that the earbuds offered plenty of volume during my testing, I never found myself needing to go above 50% volume to find a comfortable listening level.

Microphone Quality

The quality of the microphone on the earbuds is decent and good enough for a quick voice memo or a phone call. The microphone was able to pick up my voice clearly and to a good volume.


One of the flagship features of these earbuds is their active noise cancelling functionality and unfortunately, I really didn’t find it to be that impressive, particularly in comparison to the competition that is now available at this £100 price point. If ANC is your main focus, there are definitely more effective alternatives out there that can do a better job at isolating you from the noise around you.

Sudio T2 earbuds
The ANC leaves much to be desired in comparison to the competition.

As these earbuds do feature an ANC mode, they also feature a transparency mode. The transparency mode is effective and is certainly useful, whether you want to be more aware of your surroundings when walking outside or are working from home and need to hear what’s going on around the house. Even though the ANC may not be great, it’s certainly still nice to have a transparency mode available to use.

The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, this is nice to see as it one of the latest versions of Bluetooth 5 so any of the latest devices that also support Bluetooth 5.2 will be able to make full use of the earbuds, the earbuds support the SBC audio codec. The earbuds also feature a sweat and splashproof water resistance rating, although it looks like the earbuds haven’t been assigned an IP rating.

The earbuds don’t feature a companion app, so the touch controls and sound profile can’t be customised. This is something that I’d like to see Sudio work on in the future as they continue to develop and expand their product line-up as it will allow users to further customise their product experience.

Battery Life

The earbuds feature up to 35 hours of total listening time, which will get you through a few days of listening before needing to charge up the charging case again. Without ANC, you can listen using the earbuds for up to 7 and a half hours on a single charge, turning on ANC will reduce this by an hour, giving you 6 and a half hours. I found this to be plenty of time as I’d rarely use the earbuds for more than an hour at a time, so they were always ready and charged in the charging case for when I was ready to use them next.

Sudio T2 charging case
The earbuds feature battery life to get you through the day and quick charging.

Luckily, when it comes to charging the earbuds, it shouldn’t take long. The earbuds support quick charging, giving you 2 hours of listening from a 10-minute charge and a full charge of the earbuds can be done in an hour. The charging case also takes an hour to fully charge up using the USB Type-C connection on the back, although no wireless charging is supported by the case.


The Sudio T2 are a decent sounding pair of true wireless earbuds, however I feel that is overshadowed slightly by their subpar active noise cancelling performance as there are so many other ANC earbuds at this price point now available on the market.

If you do want a decent sounding pair of earbuds that offer a dynamic and energetic listening experience with a compact and pleasant design, these definitely meet that criteria, but you may want to do some comparisons and research to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

The Sudio T2 active noise cancelling earbuds are available to purchase from Amazon or from Sudio directly. Sudio has provided a coupon for purchases on their website: RichardTech15.

The Summary

Sudio T2
6 10 0 1
Sudio’s T2 earbuds are their latest set of earbuds in their line-up, featuring active noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.2 and 35 hours of listening time.
Sudio’s T2 earbuds are their latest set of earbuds in their line-up, featuring active noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.2 and 35 hours of listening time.
Total Score

The Good

  • Good sound quality.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Fast charging.

The Bad

  • Disappointing ANC performance.
  • No companion app.
  • String loop can't be removed.
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