Nike Sport Loop for Apple Watch Initial Impressions

I’ve been using the same band for my Apple Watch since I bought it in 2017, so I decided it was time for a change. So, in this video, I’ll be giving my initial impressions on the Nike Sport Loop…

Apple AirPods (2019) Review: Convenience is Key

The 2nd generation of Apple’s AirPods is a refinement of the bestselling pair of wireless earbuds on the market. The earbuds feature Apple’s new H1 chip and wireless charging – if you’re willing to spend extra.

How to Download the iOS Public Beta

Apple’s iOS public beta is now available for download for you to try out. That is – if you’re willing to go through the software bugs.

Apple Watch Review: 6 Months Later

I did a video around 6 months ago giving my first impressions on the Apple Watch Series 3, but now 6 months later I’m going to give you my thoughts on using it since then.

How to Record your Screen in iOS

Screen recording had never previously been officially supported on iOS until iOS 11. Now Apple has made it relatively simple and straightforward to record your screen on iOS devices.

How to Format your External Hard Drive for Windows and macOS

So let’s say that you have a external hard drive and you want to use this portable hard drive with both Mac and Windows computers, to access your files and folders flawlessly without any issues. Luckily you can format your…

iPad Pro First Look

In this video I take a look at the iPad Pro, an iPad featuring a 12.9 inch screen, 3GB of RAM and Apples A9X Processor.

How to Put Your iOS Device into Recovery Mode (DFU Mode)

If you have ever needed to restore or need to remove a jailbreak from your iOS device you would need to put it into “DFU” mode. In other words this means recovery mode.