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Urbanista’s Brisbane Bluetooth speaker is their top-tier model. With 10 hours of listening time, water-resistance and stereo pairing – Brisbane has a lot to offer.

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The design of the Brisbane speaker is simple and blends into the home with fabric covering most of the speaker and touches of rubberised plastic here and there. The speaker comes in two colours, Midnight Black and Fluffy Cloud. The fabric and materials of the speaker are nice to touch and feel of good quality.

Urbanista Brisbane Buttons
The speaker has function buttons on the top

On top of the speaker, you’ll find the buttons for interacting with it. There are buttons for turning on the speaker, Bluetooth pairing as well as volume buttons that double up as play and skip buttons. There’s also a subtle LED indicator light to tell you the status of the speaker. I would’ve liked to have seen separate volume and track buttons as the speaker is quite large, but that is me nit-picking.

Aside from that, most of the speaker’s design is taken up by it being a speaker. On the sides are the woofers for delivering bass and lower-end frequencies – which are concealed by a nice looking silver Urbanista branded metal.

On the back of the speaker, you’ll find the I/O housed underneath a rubber cover as the speaker is IPX5 water-resistant, there’s a micro-USB port for charging and an AUX input if you want to listen without using Bluetooth.

Sound Quality


The speaker sounds good and provides a loud and punchy listening experience thanks to the woofers on each side of the speaker that makes it great for parties or for listening to music around the house.

Urbanista Brisbane
The speaker provides a nice listening experience

The speaker has a good balance between the higher treble frequencies and the lower bass frequencies, neither overwhelms the other and they work in conjunction with each other very nicely. I really like the bass on this speaker, it is smooth and deep and really helps enhance the listening experience without drowning out everything else.

I do wish that the mid frequencies were more pronounced as they are a little lacking and this would offer more clarity to the sound, but generally the speaker sounds nice to listen to.

The speaker also plays back audio in stereo, instead of mono, which helps create a more immersive listening experience. If you really want to fill a room, you can add a second Brisbane speaker for true stereo separation and pair them together wirelessly.


The microphone on the speaker was able to pick up my voice clearly, and with a good amount of volume. If you found yourself needing to take a phone call with the speaker, these would get the job done.

Features and Accessories

The speaker features Bluetooth 5.0, which features improved connectivity speed and improved range. The speaker, as I previously mentioned, also supports stereo pairing – so you can connect two Brisbane speakers together for room-filling sound.

Two Urbanista Brisbane Speakers
You can pair two Brisbane speakers together

The speaker is also IPX5 rated for water resistance, so you can be worry-free having it in your bag with you wherever you go, and it’ll be safe to use around the pool.

If you don’t fancy using Bluetooth, you are also able to go wired by using the AUX input located on the back of the speaker.

Battery Life

The Brisbane speaker supports up to 10 hours of listening time thanks to its 5,000mAh battery. So, you’ll be able to get a daytime of listening out of the speaker.

Urbanista Brisbane Ports
It would’ve been better to see USB Type-C charging

When it comes to charging, you’ll need to use the speaker’s micro-USB port to charge it up. I would’ve liked to have seen this be a USB Type-C port for a speaker in this price bracket, hopefully future versions will move to the upgraded port. Charging will take around 2-3 hours.


If you’re looking for a speaker that feels premium, looks the part and sounds good — the Urbanista Brisbane is a good choice. Water-resistance is handy to have so you can listen anywhere and being able to pair two speakers together is a great way to enhance the listening experience.

The Urbanista Brisbane is available to purchase from Urbanista’s website.

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