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Standing desks are becoming more and more popular as they bring a more flexible working experience, added health and fitness benefits and provide an alternative to sitting for hours on end.

The Varidesk ProPlus 36 offers an easy-to-use and straightforward solution to convert your existing desk into a standing desk with minimal fuss.

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Setting up the desk was extremely easy as it comes out of the box pre-assembled, so all I had to do was put it on my existing desk.

To prevent potentially injuring yourself, you may want to get someone to help you with that as it weighs 23kg, I’d also suggest ensuring that your desk will be able to accommodate the size of the Varidesk as my desk was plenty wide enough but only just deep enough as the curved front hangs over the front of my desk. The footprint of the ProPlus 36 is around 75cm deep and 91cm wide when lowered.


There are a few different versions of the ProPlus, coming in different sizes; the 30, 36 and 48 – so there is plenty of choice depending on how wide your desk is and the weight of the equipment you wish to stand on it. It also comes in two finish options, black and white, but that can vary depending on the size of the ProPlus and where in the world you are.

Varidesk ProPlus 36
The desk has separate levels for your monitor and peripherals

The desk features two levels, a lower level for your keyboard and mouse and an upper level for your monitor(s) or a laptop. Both levels curve at the edges to deliver a more ergonomic experience and I found it a good resting place for my arms when typing.

The levers to adjust the height between a sitting and standing position are found just underneath the curves of the top desk level, by pulling these out, I can choose between the 11 different height settings. This also means that adjusting the height doesn’t require any power, unlike many motorised standing desks, and therefore adjustment is relatively silent.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 Base
The weighted base means nothing needs to be fixed to your desk surface

At the bottom of the desk is the weighted base which ensures that everything stays where it is meant to. The weighted base also means that nothing needs to be screwed down or clamped to your desk, which really does give it a “plug and play” feel.

The desk feels solid and well made with high-quality materials used throughout.

My Experience

My experience with the Varidesk ProPlus has been a learning experience. On my first day, it felt incredibly different from what I was used to – I’d gone from a large single flat area to a smaller multi-layered desk with designated places for my keyboard and mouse.

The change definitely took a bit of getting used to, but after a few days, this now this feels normal and I’m used to the new layout of the desk. I still do wish that there was a little more room for my mouse as my mouse mat is roughly twice the size of the mouse area on the Varidesk.

Adjusting height on Varidesk ProPlus 36
Adjusting the height of the desk is easy and straightforward

For my configuration I have two 27” monitors on clamps which allows me to have a monitor in front of me and one floating off to the side, this also gives me quite a bit of space on the upper desk level as it isn’t taken up by monitor stands. Even if you’re not using clamps, two monitors should still be able to sit next to each other, but I wouldn’t suggest using dual monitors if your screens are over 27” as there may not be enough room on the ProPlus 36. You may want a larger ProPlus model if this is a requirement.

My speakers don’t fit because they are quite huge, so they sit on my Ikea desk, the positioning of them isn’t ideal when standing but, some sacrifices had to be made as there would be no chance of them fitting on the Varidesk.

Moving the desk up and down is spring assisted so it’s easy to do and keeps things smooth. Everything also stays in place when the desk is moving, so I didn’t need to worry about things shuffling around.

Typing on Varidesk ProPlus 36
I’m able to raise the desk to a comfortable height to work at

When it comes to standing, it feels ergonomic and comfortable and I’m able to get the desk to a comfortable height that suits me. Since I am at home and not in an office, I do make sure to wear padded footwear since standing for a long time in socks wouldn’t be comfortable and certainly wouldn’t be good for my feet in the long run.

It is recommended that when using a sit-stand desk, you should vary between sitting and standing throughout the day, this helps to keep it comfortable. Also, I would not recommend going from a seated position to standing all day. This is something you need to build towards.


There are a few accessories included in the box, such as a non-sliding coaster and a few cable ties to help group cables together. Varidesk also has a range of accessory products on their websites such as cushioned mats, chairs and monitor arms.


I really like the Varidesk ProPlus 36 and I think it provides a good product that sits between a standard desk and a motorised sit-stand desk. It does feel like a substantial change coming from a sitting desk, but after a few days, I had adjusted to the new shape and placement of my keyboard and mouse.

If you’re looking for a sit-stand solution, I think the ProPlus 36 is definitely one to consider as it is well made and provides a good desk experience.

To learn more about the Varidesk ProPlus 36, visit the Varidesk website. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

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