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The VTIN Royaler is a premium looking Bluetooth speaker that comes in at an affordable price.

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The main selling point of this bluetooth speaker is that it features 20W speakers and a passive subwoofer which allows the speaker to provide great sounding low frequencies to songs. When you look at the speaker you can immediately see the chamfered edges that are around the speaker which provide that extra aesthetic to the speaker, and would make it fit in perfectly with an Apple product. The other notable feature is that this speaker is constructed out of aluminium which gives it solid build quality and makes it look great.

There is a small indicator light on the speaker face that displays whether the speaker is on and also notify if there is low battery. The grill on the front of the speaker is also made from metal which covers the two speakers and the passive subwoofer. On the back of the speaker we have our ports, this speaker has a Micro USB charging port and an AUX in port, both cables are included in the box which is nice.


Looking down on the bluetooth speaker, the power, play/pause and volume/skip buttons are present – I found the buttons fairly shallow to press which means that they do lack a bit in the tactile-factor but that is just a small nag that I have with the speaker. The plus and minus buttons act as the track skipping buttons and also adjust the volume of the speaker – a short press skips tracks and a long press adjusts the volume, and I have to say that this speaker does get very loud so it is ideal in a party environment. I also noticed that there is not much delay in pressing the buttons which is always a bonus because I’ve noticed that on other speakers in the past there is a noticeable delay.

Overall, this speaker produces great sound that I was pleasantly pleased with as I wasn’t expecting much but it definitely sounds great, and the aluminium construction makes it suit any environment.


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