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xFyro’s Aria earbuds are a premium pair of true wireless earbuds featuring an IP67 waterproof rating, support for Bluetooth 5.0 and up to 32 hours of listening time.

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The Aria earbuds are very small and lightweight which makes them very comfortable to wear. The earbuds have a rubber tip design with wingtips to help keep the earbuds in your ear and add an extra layer to ensure that they stay in place.

xFyro Aria Earbud
The earbuds have a simple design with a single large function button

On the outer side of each earbud is a large function button, this is the main way to interact with the earbuds. There is support for both track controls as well as volume controls, which is very nice to see on a pair of true wireless earbuds – as volume adjustment functionality can often be neglected and be left to do from the device you’re connected to.

The rubber wingtips sit around the earbud which ensures that it is secure. On the underside are two charging pins for when it comes to charging the earbuds with the charging case and a letter indicator to tell you what side the earbud goes. On the bottom is a small indicator LED, but aside from that the earbuds have a subtle appearance and don’t stand out.

The earbuds are made from plastic, with a matte black finish with gloss used on the function button. The matte finish helps reduce the number of smudges and micro-scratches that may appear on the earbuds.

Charging Case

The charging case for the earbuds is puck-shaped with a clamshell design and shares the same matte black finish as the earbuds. The finish feels great and the case is well made and feels solid.

xFyro Aria Charging Case
The charging case recharges and stores the earbuds when not in use

On the outer side of the charging case is a micro-USB port for charging. On the inside is a battery indicator for the case as well as a power button so you can manually turn on and off the charging case.

Sound Quality


The Aria earbuds from xFyro sound great and provide a nice listening experience with punchy bass and clear treble.

Wearing xFyro Aria
The earbuds provide a good listening experience

The earbuds are not over-heavy or boosted on the bass like some other earbuds that I have used in the past, which I prefer, but there is still plenty of bass to go around. The bass is tight and sounds clean. The mid and high frequencies also sound good, I don’t hear any sibilance which makes a pleasant listening experience and these higher frequencies also sound clear and well pronounced.

Overall, there is a very good mix between all the different frequencies on the audio spectrum, which makes for a great listening experience overall.

Sound isolation is also fantastic thanks to the rubber-tip design of the earbuds, allowing for passive sound isolation. I can hear very little no to no ambient noise around me when wearing the earbuds and the earbuds sound very immersive.


The microphone on these earbuds sounds loud and clear, which makes it great if you need to make phone calls. It’s not quite as clear as the microphone on Apple’s AirPods – but it is a worthy runner up.


The earbuds feature an IP rating of IP67, meaning that they will be with able to withstand dust and water. This is great as it means that you will be able to wear the earbuds wherever you’d like to without worry about the conditions of how the earbuds will handle your surroundings.

xFyro Aria Earbuds
The earbuds have a water resistance rating of IP67

The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 – giving you the added benefits of the latest features of Bluetooth, the earbuds can be paired separately or function as a pair.

The earbuds also come with different sized wingtips and ear tips in the box to get the best fit for you.

Battery Life

xFyro’s Aria earbuds tout an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge, with up to 32 hours of total listening time when you consider the 3 additional charges provided by the charging case.

The charging case will take around 2 hours to charge up the earbuds fully, but you can get 3 hours of listening within 15 minutes charging. The charging case charges using micro-USB, I would’ve liked to have seen this to be USB Type-C, especially for a pair of earbuds in this higher-end price bracket.

As I mentioned earlier in the review, the charging case can also be manually powered on and off if you’re looking to conserve some power.

xFyro Aria Charging Case
The charging case can be manually powered on and off

If you choose to have the charging case turned off, you’ll need to manually power on and off the earbuds by holding the function button on each earbud. This did catch me off guard as I was putting the earbuds in the case and they were not automatically turning off, I do wish that they would still be able to detect the case and automatically power off – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

With the charging case turned on, the earbuds will automatically power on and off – as you’d expect with a pair of true wireless earbuds.


xFyro Aria
The earbuds offer a great listening experience overall

xFyro’s Aria earbuds offer a great listening experience in a lightweight and comfortable form factor. The addition of IP67 weatherproofing is great for wearing the earbuds out and about and the amount of listening time that you can get is fantastic.

The xFyro Aria earbuds are available to purchase from xFyro’s website.

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