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Adding your Office 365 email to your iOS device is useful if you’re a student or you need your work email on your phone as you will be able to make sure that you don’t miss out on important emails such as room changes or changes to your timetable.

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To add your Office 365 account to your device, first open up the settings app on your device, and scroll down to “Passwords and Accounts”. Tap “Add Account” and then you’ll want to pick “Exchange” from this list of various accounts that you can add.

Here’s where you type in your Office 365 email address, this could be your work email address or your school or university email address. Once you’ve typed that in tap next and then you should have a pop-up appear, tap “Sign In”.

This should then bring you to your Office 365 login portal page where you’ll be able to type in your password for your account so you can sign in.

You can add things such as your calendar too to your device after your credentials have been authenticated.

If you now open up the Mail app, your mailboxes and mail will be there.

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